Tuesday, March 03, 2009


The thing about blogging and the interweb is that you can end up being friends with people who are geographically very far away from you. People you'd really like to meet in person but don't realistically think you ever will.

Tracey of Peppermint Patcher blog was one of those people, someone I've liked and read for a few years now. She lives in Far North Queensland, I live in Melbourne. May as well be the Equator to the South Pole.

But then she and her husband Pete just stepped into an aeroplane last weekend and flew down here to see me. Just like that. (There may also have been a quilt show she was interested in and some other bloggers she was keen to meet. But I don't want to spoil the story with distracting details.)

I organised a blogmeet with Melbourne blog-friends for the Saturday night. This earned me a set of lovely purple coasters from Frogdancer, just for some emailing. How nice is she? Here, look. Pretty.

This is us at the blogmeet. I only had a skerrick of battery left in the camera which is why I had to post the shot where the girls were trying to hide the wine bottle. There were also 2 husbands present but they were shy. Or taking the photo.

Blogmeet for Tracey_7781

From left to right we are Pea Soup, Craftymum, moi, Tracey, Fairlie, Frogdancer, Matching Pegs, Don't Look Now. An excellent group of people, and the evening flew by.

Tracey gave everyone there one of her little love chickens. This is mine. I think it should be a Christmas decoration but am loathe to hide it for the other 11 months of the year so I have to think of an off-season occupation for my little chicky.

I was desperate to see Tracey's Imagine That blankies so I invited her and Pete over on Sunday evening. The quilts, which feature a photograph of a child of your choice in a fantasy setting of their choice, are superb and even nicer than they look in the photographs. Cherub liked this one the best.

The boys were most impressed with the quilts. Come to that, the boys were very impressed with Tracey and Pete. Pete got taken out to the backyard where he was made to engage in various sporting activities and Tracey was called upon to admire trampoline prowesses, and to read the story she'd so kindly bought for them. Bedtime was delayed because Cherub kept getting up from bed to give Tracey one more kiss.

Tracey reads to Cherub_7786

They charmed us all, did Tracey and Pete.


  1. Happy Happy Happy - this post made me so happy!

    They are gorgeous aren't they - that Tracey and Pete!

  2. I love how Cherub kept getting up to give her one more kiss!

    I think birds look nice in kitchens, all year 'round.

  3. How fabulous. Tracey, blogmeets, little chickies, extra kisses. Oh, and PURPLE coasters.

  4. You and Fixit are lucky to still have those boys. They would fit right in here at chez Petersen. We have lego, books to read, a yard to play soccer and my Pete is still down six goals to five - he needs a re-match. (and I need just one more kiss)

  5. HOw lovely that he wanted to give T another kiss. That's so sweet.

    I'd pop the bird near the window...so it can look out and dream about its other life.

  6. Ooh, blogmeets are fun. What a great group!

    And I would want one more kiss from your gorgeous boysies too.

  7. Thanks so much for organising the dinner! We had a lovely time ... even though Claire & I finished the night off by pushing our car off the island in the middle of the road where my darling husband so cleverly parked!

  8. That sounds like such a fun night!!! What a great way to meet your bloggy friends.

    Much love from NJ,

  9. Oh how VERY lucky! What a lovely time. Why were you lot hiding the wine? You think we don't know about the wine?

  10. What a great night. Fairlie and I drove for ages before finding a park. Just didn't think of parking on a traffic island...

  11. Oh, I saw that picture on Tracey's blog and wished she'd told us who was who, even though I correctly guessed a few! Thanks for clearing that up.... Your blogfest sounds wonderful! Green with envy here!

  12. How cool and mind blowing is that? To simply get on a plane and go? Oh, the freedom...
    Looks like it was a lot of fun.

  13. It was fun, thanks again for organising it! (I don't like that photo of me, off to see if there's a more flattering shot on Tracey's blog, no offence).

  14. too too sweet, with lots of good bits on top.
    My favourite treat ;)

  15. Oh, gorgeous!! Cherub kisses! I knew you guys would all love each other :)

  16. What a lovely meeting you all had! It is so nice to see pics of every lovely one of you!

  17. I so wish I'd thought of parking on the traffic island. We would have got there about half an hour earlier if I had!

    It was a great blog-meet. Thanks for organising it.

  18. Yes, thanks Stomper, it was a great night, and nice to see a few faces again, and some new ones, and lovely to see Pete and Tracey of course!


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