Monday, October 23, 2006

For Nell. On Her Birthday.

Once there were two little boys who lived with their mother and father. And they were very lucky little boys because they had an extra-special-person in their lives. Her name was Princess Nell.

Princess Nell came from the magic kingdom of Goulburn, where she learned from her wise father the many facts of science and from her clever mother the many techniques of art.

When Princess Nell grew to be a woman she came to live in the important royal city of Melbourne and she soon made friends in her new home, because as well as being beautiful, she was kind, and funny and genuinely interested in other people. And it was in Melbourne that she met a handsome prince, and for 10 years they joined their royal households together.

Princess Nell became best friends with a woman called Stomper Girl and her partner Mr. Fixit. When they told Princess Nell they were growing a baby together she was very happy for them and did not allow the fact that their whole social life was about to be ruined interfere with their friendship AT ALL. And Stomper and Fixit were delivered of a fine baby boy called The Climber, and Princess Nell watched him grow and was a kind and loving friend to him. And when Stomper Girl and Mr Fixit grew their second baby together, it was Princess Nell who agreed to be their standby child-minder if labour started in the middle of the night.

Which it did.

But the night that the new baby chose to arrive was also the night that Princess Nell and her Handsome Prince of 10 years decided that their Royal Union was over. It was an emotional night for poor Princess Nell. She was frightened by the agony of Stomper Girl's birthing pains, and racked with the misery of her own break-up. But being a true Princess, she rose above her own torment and took good care of The Climber that next day.

After a while, Princess Nell decided that, to truly mend her damaged heart, she needed to return to the kingdom of Goulburn and the care of her mother. Stomper Girl and Princess Nell wept tears at their separation. But after 6 months, Princess Nell returned to Melbourne and came to live at the Castle of Fixit, where she stayed for nearly 2 years.

And the two little Fixit boys, Climber and Cherub, were so happy because they loved Princess Nell with all their hearts. She was like a kind big sister or a substitute-parent. And those boys were blessed to have on tap someone who loved them and played with them and spoiled them and didn't nag or shout like their real parents occasionally did. And they were sad when she went to live in her own castle. And always overjoyed when she came over to play.

And that is why they are such lucky boys, and why they will be very excited to help Princess Nell celebrate her birthday this week.


  • She loves origami and paper-crafting, but hates scrap-booking.
    (This is the cool card she made for me last birthday marking her contribution the iPod Fund. That's my silhouette she's used.)

  • She loves Climber's Lego and has added greatly to his collection.
    She also buys it for herself sometimes (but she lets the boys play with it too)

  • She is addicted to the following : Afternoon naps. Cigarettes. American TV cop shows like NCIS etc. Playstation.
  • She only wears black and red.
  • She loves to read. Mostly about serial-killers.
  • She has voted on Australian Idol. For Millsy.
Happy Birthday Princess Nell, with love from all at Fixit Castle.


  1. Happy Birthday to Princess Nell, who obviously deserves her crown!

  2. What a wonderful friend to have! Happy birthday Princess Nell.

  3. Love the way this is written - what a lovely tribute to an obvioulsy lovely and true friend.

    Go Princess Nell !

    ( and Millsy was orright, what's wrong with you ?! ;)

  4. Oh, that was beautiful! What a wonderful friend you are and you have :) It must have been HEAVEN having her live with you!!!

  5. Really enjoyed the story of Princess Nell, who truly deserves her title.

    Happy Birthday to Nell.

  6. What a lovely friend. We should all be so lucky! I hope another lovely person comes to make Princess Nell the happiest princess in the world!

  7. I love Nell !!! What an ace friend! I also love origami and papercrafts but hate scrapbooking. Afternoon naps rock.

  8. Don't know how I got here [leapfrogging around-you never know where the next leap will land you] but when I stumbled upon the tale of Princess Nell I was enchanted! And doubly so to see my new friend meggie had stopped by your way with words.

  9. gee I like the sound of this Nell business.

    Where can I buy one?


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