Monday, October 09, 2006

Felicitations, Mister Fixit

It was Fixit's birthday on the weekend so he and I went out for dinner at Blue Chillies in Brunswick St (thankyou Nell for the babysit and thankyou Lazy Cow for the recommendation). Yay, its fun to go out with your man once in a while. I work nights so we don't get out much but like the advice columns say, you should make time to go on dates with your partner after you've had kids. Brings a bit of sparkle back into your relationship...

Anyway, in honour of his birthday I think a list is de rigeur but it's late so it's a quick list:

Five Facts About Fixit
  1. He is tall, dark and handsome (although not that photogenic)
  2. He is really good at fixing stuff and he has a huge passion for motorbikes so in his late 20's he started an adult apprenticeship to become a motorbike mechanic. Unfortunately, despite the fact that this country is allegedly crying out for skilled workers, the pay rate for motorbike mechanics is roughly on par with childcare workers. The theory is that we're okay with this because we both prefer to have job satisfaction rather than soul-destroying jobs with better pay packets. And he would have job satisfaction except that most of his co-workers are bogans and not all that blessed in the brains department.
  3. He always wins at scar wars because as well as having had his shin bones come through his skin in a bike accident (not his fault), he has an enormous diagonal tummy scar from having a kidney removed when he was a baby. He has been known to say he got it in a knife fight or from a shark attack.
  4. He still has complete sets, including the box, of "technical lego" from his boyhood. He still likes putting it together.
  5. He needs to know exactly where something is. It is not good enough to say that the pub is in Collingwood. He has to know which street, the nearest major intersection and local recognisable landmarks. He gets this from his father. Don't ever start a "where is" conversation when those two are together unless you really want to know exactly where it is.
He is also funny, a loving son, father and partner AND every morning he brings me a cup of tea in bed and looks after the kids while I warm up to the day. Even on his birthday*.

Here he is displaying his loot. Happy birthday.

* Don't worry, he had a good birthday. I spoiled him at other times during the weekend :)


  1. Hope you liked the restaurant :-) Your man sounds lovely. Mine hates going out on dates. He's more a stay-at-home with the family type. Did his passion for motorbikes start at a young age? My son's started at age 2. I'm hoping he'll grow out of it.

  2. I like the tea in bed. My husband stays at home til a reasonable hour each morning otherwise he would not see the girls during the week. He gets them up and gives them breakfast - but I might have to ask for my tea in bed (I used to get this when I was pregnant with #2; I wonder when and why it stopped!)

  3. Oh, he looks like a keeper, a bit o' orright, for sure ;)

    I just had to google "Why Do Men Have Nipples". Hint, add a comma, and 'book' after that search request ;)

    HB, Mr Stomper-Mechanic !

  4. What a lovely partner to look after you so well, even on his birthday!!

    The skills shortage issue is very weird - employers won't pay more for the best people, but they'll whinge a lot and ask for more apprentices! WTF? I feel for Fixit.

  5. Happy Birthday Fixit!

    I get coffee in bed any morning that I don't have to get up before the Prof, I think it shows they are 'keepers'.

  6. The job satisfaction bit-
    Good for Mr Fixit- & you for the support!

    I have always said, you can end up paying too much for your money!
    if you see what I mean.

  7. Oooh, your man sounds and LOOKS like such a sweetheart :D Tea in bed every morning! How how how did you get that to happen?

    I would like to have a scar competition with him because I have a small one on my ankle with a more impressive story - an emu kicked me when I was seven. And I have one on my big toe where a brown snake bit me. Ha ha .. can he beat two native animal attacks?!?

  8. Big thanks to all for the birthday wishes, and my advice to anyone trying to get a hot beverage in bed of a morning is to be really really grumpy if you don't. I'm talking foul-tempered, mean to the kids and totally snappy with your other half.
    SF : I thought the 2-native-animal-attack effort was tremendous but I am sorry to say that Fixit scoffed. Apparently "animal attacks" don't quite cut it ...

  9. I thought the book title was Why Do Men Move Hippies until I read h&b's comment.

  10. (Obviously I need to up my glasses prescription again).

    PS. Doorbitch is imawdl which clearly means I'm a waddle. Wish I was a graceful. Can't have everything).

  11. He is gorge-ee-us. Now if ever he needs pampering and you are not well enough to do it - can fill in!

    Blessings and bliss


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