Saturday, August 01, 2009

In which I say Rest-in-Peace but hope I'm proved wrong

I feel slightly guilty to be constantly banging on about the missing badcat, but it's pretty much the main thing going on round here, in my mind at least. I had an enormous big private weep for him last night and maybe that helped a bit. Today I was at least and at last able to shrug off the inertia of my sadness and start to bring my house back into order. I swept and mopped the (disgusting from last night's Great Fridge Defrosting) floor today and this led me to the discovery of a couple of little catty toys (a jingle ball and his favourite, a pipe-cleaner) and then I looked down at the cat-food dish with the dried food in it (in case he arrived back when we were out) and I thought well, I may as well pack that up too. So, in the spirit of cleaning up, I want to commit to the record:
  • That Bertie Wooster used to love Climber's football socks and used to steal them - and only them- out of Climber's sock draw and leave them in odd locations round the house. Occasionally we'd catch a glimpse of him carrying the enormous socks in his little cat mouth, with his I'm on a very-important-mission walk.
  • That if we ever saw him having an absolutely ballistic play with something, it was probably a pipe-cleaner.
  • That his favourite daytime sleeping haunt was on top of the boys' wardrobe, curled up on the sheepskin rug that I used to put the boys on when they were babies.
  • That he and Cherub had this great game they never tired of playing where Cherub used to run around the backyard trailing a skipping rope and laughing his head off, whilst Bertie leapt at and pounced on and chased after and caught and then let go so he could start it all again.
  • That he had worked out Cherub and Fixit only let him sleep with them if he stayed on TOP of the doona but if he slept with Climber or me he could snuggle under the doona, which is pretty smart when you factor in that Fixit and I share a bed.
  • That really he preferred sleeping with Climber or me because he liked that under-the-doona option, and used to alternate every couple of days between us.
  • That he knew Climber was for cuddles and Cherub was for mad-kitty berserk fun.

And that the 18 or so months that he had been with us was not nearly long enough, so we still really hope he comes back.

Bertie Wooster_5418

I haven't yet stopped jumping for phone calls and door-knocks but I suppose that will happen eventually. But maybe now I can shut up about it. You know, unless there's some good news. Thanks for listening and thanks for kind comments and thanks for sympathising. It has actually helped carry me through.


  1. RIP Bertie but I hope I am proved wrong too.

    Hugs Stomper.


  2. It's obvious that he was so loved and that he loved you. That is all we can for in this life. He was one lucky cat.

  3. Oh Bertie Wooster, you are definitely loved. I have tears in my eyes as I type.

  4. I want you to be wrong wrong wrong !!!
    Bertie wooster, get your cat arse home right now!!

  5. i'm so sad for you guys.
    lovely, precious memories though, thank you for sharing them.

  6. I second Jodie's comment! El Pussygato's favourite place to climb into and curl up is the Bean's recently vacated boxer shorts, which, being a busy young male he leaves where he stepped out of them. In fact, he sometimes climbs into them while they are still on his adored master [in a puddle around his ankles while business is being taken care of,] or so I'm told. Oops, sorry. That's probably more info than you needed. Just trying to distract you until Bertie gets his cat-arse home!

  7. I'm sorry about everything, including the not knowing. What a horrible thing, losing a member of your family.

  8. He's not dead.

    But I understand you needing to take a break from writing about him. Inside of you, it will go on though. You will keep looking for him, even when you aren't aware that you are.

    I've been there.

    But, don't throw out those bowls just yet.

    I'm sorry you are in so much hurt.

  9. We lost our firt cat when she was a little younger than Bertie. Evan4 actually went looking for her and found her under the empty house next door just before she died. (It was a horrible day, but at least she dies warm and safe and we knew what had happened. ) Six months later I went to Lort Smith and came back with Daphne and Maris.

    (I've found that two cats mean that they tend to stay closer to home because they already have company. Maybe something for you to consider in the future.)

    I'm so sorry. These little warm furry people entwine themselves around our hearts so quietly that sometimes we don't realise how much we love them until they're gone...

  10. Here's hoping you are proved wrong.

  11. Caroline - You keep talking about Bertie Wooster if you want to. None of us is tired of hearing cat stories.

    Pinky swear.

  12. RIP Bertie Wooster.

    (I hope I'm wrong though).


  13. I'm tearing up reading that post of yours.
    They really do worm they furry little way into our hearts with their antics and cleverness.
    I do so hope you are proven wrong, but I understand the need to move on.

  14. Oh no. I know you're all missing him. Hope Bertie comes waltzing through the door for you soon!

  15. Oh, Stomper, the image of the clever little Bertie figuring which end of the doona he was welcome on just clutches at me. And thanks for the ethereal photo.

    BUt I agree with you, there comes a time when the dishes get packed away for the time being, and one bravely soldiers on, catless, except he will never really leave you all.

    I must have dust in my eye....

  16. My cat when I was little went missing for a few weeks and came home skinnier and a little worse for wear - I hope you can have te same outcome. The "Why Bertie is Tops" countdown rocked!

  17. He sounds like such a lovely family member. I am still sure that he is coming back. I will not say RIP for now but I understand your need to.
    Hugs for you.

  18. Big, big lump in my throat. We got a notice from our vet that Sophie was due for shots on the first (yesterday) and I had to have a big cry all over again. Big lovable goofball stamped her big doggy pawprint right in the middle of our hearts... she was a joy and I'm glad we had her.

    I'm not giving up on Mr. Bertie Wooster. Cats are smart and he'll find his way back. But I get it.

    P.S. my wv was remaling. Hoping your household is remaled soon!


  19. Don't give up yet, sweetie, cats is odd and laws unto themselves... but I do understand you need to grieve and go on, I do.

  20. I still hope he slinks back in. I hope he surprises you with the best surprise of all. I love your memories. He's beautiful.

  21. Thinking of you all and squeezing one of my two cats tightly as I type.

  22. I had a cat go missing for about 5 months, then one day, he just showed up again. He was ferral, but I belonged to him, or so I thought, until he disappeared again several months later.

    Hope yours comes back too!

  23. hopefully he's just getting fed and patted at another sisiter's cat disappeared for 3 weeks...finally discovered that he'd moved in down the road with a lonely lady who fed him treats..ended up having two homes..remember the pooch who just returned to his owner after 9 years!

  24. I'm really sorry Stomper.. I've lost my furry baby too.. he never came back. That was 6 years ago & I stil miss him, but I think that such a clever, lovely cat like my Oscar and your Bertie would surely have caught someone's eye, and maybe someone just had to have them. And maybe they're looking after them really well, and giving them lots of love.. we can only hope x

  25. i'm so sorry - i saw your flyer at the local big oppy and recognised the photo and the name at once....

    am hoping really really hard that he comes back.


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