Thursday, July 05, 2007

What's Black and White and Red All Over?

I'm having a slight side-effect. The iron has turned me a gentle shade of pink all over. A bit like the time the Climber got scarlet fever but without the fever.

Also, I met Pea Soup (for the first time) and Shula (again) this afternoon. So nice to meet up with these 2 excellent bloggers and I just want them both to know I'm not always this pink.

My boys were far more interested in Shula's gorgeous shaggy dog and, after a slight false start on Cherub's part (he loves dogs but is not used to big ones), they did their best to hurl the ball so Angel could retrieve it. I came away from this mini blogmeet with a container each of Shula's home-made muesli and Suse' sourdough starter. I hope to bake my first ever loaf of bread over the weekend, all things going well.


The Horrifying Sounds Meme via Tanya. (Hers is much funnier than mine.)

1. A little voice saying Mummy wh'ar you? just as I've snuck off to the loo and locked the door.

2. Our ill-fitting laundry door banging (erratically) every 30 seconds if one of us forgets to shut it properly.

3. The sound of our Prime Minister's voice, particularly when accompanied by a visual.

Bec is back in the blogosphere and in search of a meme so I tag her. But it's okay Bec because there is no running involved in this one.


  1. What a bizarre side effect! I hope you are feeling reenergized soon.

  2. Gosh - you really are experiencing some highs and lows at the moment. Blogger meetup - high of course; needle in the arm and pink tinge a low but hopefully with a high to follow.

    And I don't see or hear much of little johnny now that I skip watching "the news" - that's got to give anyone a high ;-)

  3. Sorry about the pink-ness, but you could say it's sunburn from your exotic trip overseas that you have just returned home from...?

    Is that your rib sticking out? God, when was the last time I knew I had ribs...

    As for Johnny Howard, "who do you twust, who, do, you TWUST!"

  4. So many firsts! I want to make that sourdough too, but don't get to cheat [like you!]. I have to make the starter first....sounds like a procrastination inducer to me.....

  5. I would like you all to know that she was a very pretty shade of pink.

    (And those boys are soooooo cute).

  6. Oh I LOVE this meme - there are so many horrifying sounds in my life!

    And what's this? Are you low on iron? I've had to have the needle before, too. Never turned pink, though...

  7. You look fine ! Do you feel fine ?

    I can't believe you keep meeting people out in the cold. ATM, I have 3 heaters on. I hate going out in Winter unless i'm going somewhere with another 3 heaters/fireplaces going :)

    What is it with our PM's ? Little Johnny and ex-PM Bob's voices are an international embarrassment.

    I'm more of a Kim and Kevin fan of voice. Kind, warm, eloquent, edumacated.

    I loved Kim, but he was too soft & cuddly to garner support :(

  8. P.S. - in your visuals, is he jogging in his stupid jogging suit ?

    Freaking loser.

  9. um - that's the PM, the loser .. not you ...

  10. I'd just like to state for the records, that my dog was close to twice The Cherub's size. As such, a minor freak out was completely in order.

    They parted, of course, the best of friends.

  11. A strange cause of pinkness -- hope it fades quickly!

    I like your horrifying noises meme... and am quite familiar with the first horrifying noise, sorry to say. ;-) Hmmm. Might do this one as well.

  12. John Howard's voice gives me the heebie jeebies

  13. I'm with Aunty Evil. I didn't even notice the pink tones due to be impressed with your muscle tone. Wow!

    I'm with you regarding item #3 except substitute the voice/image of certain, um, political figures in the U.S..

  14. Aren't you a lovely hue?!

    PS. So glad I can finally leave a comment. I've been swinging by but there was a glitch which would wipe out my comment every 10 seconds...


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