Monday, May 16, 2011

Three questions.

Q1. Did you watch the Pirate episode of Doctor Who? And if so, did you sit on the couch or did you need to get Inside a Box, Under a Doona like Cherub?


He ended up on my lap and made a lot of creeped-out groaning noises, but if you suggest to him that he's maybe too young for the show he denies it strenuously. I only let them watch in daylight so they don't have nightmares.

(Lots of people tell stories of watching Doctor Who from behind the couch when they were little. Suse told me a charming story of needing to jump up quickly after watching the show that was on before Doctor Who so she could turn the tv off before the scary Doctor Who music & titles even started. The stresses, she says, of life before remote controls were invented. I used to feel that way when my parents watched Callan, now there's a show with seriously creepy music and at the end of the theme was a gunshot. Scared me to death, I used to lie in bed with a pillow over my head until the music stopped.)

Q2. Has anyone got any tips about cat physio?


Basil re-visited the vet today, because although he is recovering magnificently, he still won't put any weight on the bad leg and has instead turned himself into a very efficient tripod. The Vet sedated and x-rayed him (ouch!), and seems to think nothing is actually amiss, just that Basil needs to start working it to reverse the atrophying nerves and muscles. He's giving us some anti-inflammatories soon, and meanwhile we have to jiggle Basil's gimpy leg around a bit to encourage movement and weight-bearing. Just call us the Amateur Feline Fizzy Old Therapists. Apparently swimming is excellent therapy. That would be fun wouldn't it, making your cat swim.

Q3. Are you my Perfume Fairy Godparent? I ran out of my lovely French perfume around the time Basil ran under a car, and decided I couldn't afford to buy more until the finances were healthier. But this morning in my mailbox were two little samples for me, and I don't know who left them there.


Gosh I'm happy about it though. Smiling from ear to ear. I was pining for the Samsara, I was. Now I'm not. Thank you, thank you Kind Perfume Fairy.


  1. That's my winter perfume - Isn't it wonderful? (I'm not the fairy)
    Poor Basil. When Small had trouble with her back legs, we had to warm them up, using a wheat bag, and then carfully stretch them out and bend them. We also went to a specialist vet for her Acupuncture - it helped and, amazingly, she stayed still for it.

  2. LOL on Cherub.

    Getting Basil to swim MAY prove difficult but I think our Calypso would love it.she adores water!!!!

    So glad the perfume fairy came!!!

  3. I'll have to tell Monet about the Perfume Fairy. You've got proof that they DO exist (perhaps in human form.)

    I have many memories of Dr. Who - used to scare the bejeeses out of us but gee I loved it!

  4. Yay for the perfume fairy!!!

    T'wasn't me though, sorry to say. I wish it was, but unfortunately "passing" by your house isn't in my daily work routine...from Sydney.

  5. Oh yes, we love our Dr Who here at Casa Del Waffler and both Petal and Le Artiste insist it does not scare them, although Le Artiste does periodically disappear under the cushions and Petal does periodically disappear into the other room, just to check that daddy is okay. Uh huh.

  6. Another classic photo - I understand how he feels! And I don't even have to be watching Dr Who to want to exactly the same thing.

    I'm with Suse - I couldn't bear the opening music so never did watch Dr Who.

    Bless that perfume fairy. Nell?

  7. Son (13) is still uneasy around Doctor Who since seeing the opening scenes of the witchy/Shakespeare ep. - so he doesn't watch at all. I get quite scared - Blink was the worst - but I try to be brave...

  8. Aha! It was my lovely ex-neighbours (not Crafty, the ones after). Just outed themselves on Facebook. Thanks gorgeous girls Cx

  9. I find Dr Who a bit scary myself!

    Love the photo of Cherub.

  10. Hmmm ... cat physio. Will get back to you.

  11. I had to leave the room. My brave almost-teenager relished the whole thing

  12. I sat on the couch but distracted myself with my ever-useful 10wk old during the scary bits. If I could have squeezed both of us into a box under a doona I certainly would have done it.

  13. Oh yes Callan was just as bad. And when I was even younger, I used to hear Homicide on the tv. The squealing of tires and sounds of gunshots had me cowering under the pillow.

    As an adult I made the mistake of watching (with the husband) that series of Alfred Hitchcock 1/2 hour stories. Two of them in particular frightened the bejesus out of me, and even the sound of the theme music brings it all horribly back.

    Cat physio. Cat acupuncture. I have no words.

  14. No to all of your questions, but glad you're smelling nice while you manipulate the furry one's leg.

  15. Hooray for every fairy! (though no sight of the house tidying fairy around these parts). I'm with Cherub. Even when these days the Doctor Who's tend to be so much easier on the eye...

  16. I used to watch Dr Who without undue stress, so long as I had an arm around my daughters. It seems much scarier now, as well as too high tech, so I don't watch it any more.
    I hope Basil manages to get to all his feet soon.

  17. I love that doona cover - reminds me of one from my childhood.

  18. Ah, the fairy.

    Mr Coffee remembers hiding behind the sofa. Littlest is fine - it's Eldest who screams the house down. She actually took herself off to bed during the episode Blink, with the statues.

  19. Answers:
    1. Did not watch that Doctor Who episode (I seem to have missed many lately) but I do like the box/doona protection kit.
    2.The warming the limb and... bend and stretch, bend and stretch (like a bad exercise video?) sounds worth a try. What Ms Brown Mouse said.
    3. Not the perfume fairy but very good that she (has to be a "she", I think) has visited.


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