Wednesday, July 09, 2014


My mum was convinced that nobody photographed her having a toboggan ride during our family visit to the snowfields at Mount Stirling, and she was rather miffed about it.  Fair enough, it is pretty impressive that a person of her years was able and game enough: she was the only senior cit in the snow, let alone on a toboggan, that we saw all day. So impressive, and she only needed a bit of help climbing to the top of the slope, and being lowered onto the toboggan.  But the truth of the matter was that it was only my-sister-the-photographer who didn't have the fancy camera out on the three, yes you heard that right, three occasions when Mum decided to have a go.  When I showed Mum that actually I had taken a photo of her, using Fixit's phone, she declared that it wasn't her and muttered darkly about photo fixing. But as you can see, the lady in the red parka with the purple backpack is the same lady sailing elegantly down the slope.  Et voila, Grandmere sur le Toboggan.

Here is Mister Fixit, who managed a few goes in between hanging with the boys or giving my niece big pushes. I do like the way his leg is sticking up and out as he careers down towards the temporary fencing.  He crashed out quite a lot. He was probably a bit big for the toboggan.

But now we should look at the good quality pictures, the ones taken by my-sister-the-photographer.  They're much better than mine.

C'est moi. Whee! 

Cherub. He had the best time.

Climber. Climber was very good on the toboggan, but he was a fiend with the snowballs as you might be able to see in this collection of shots. No one, apart from Grandma, was safe. He got me a beauty, smack on the cheekbone as I whizzed down -which really hurt- but at least he gave me a slightly stricken apology when I climbed back up the top.

In point of fact, the only person who did not get a photo of herself on the toboggan was my poor sister-the-photographer. Ain't it always the way. So here is a collage of the terrific bus we took to the mountain top, just so you can see that my-sister-the-photographer was also part of the snowday fun. Hi sis!