Wednesday, July 06, 2011

School Holiday Tap & Hip-Hop Workshops

Cold, wet and windy school holidays: what ARE you going to do to entertain and wear out your children, hmm?

What we did was put them through their paces at the Tap & Hip-Hop Workshop at Miss Caroline Tap Dance. They had an ace time, and sat around at home quietly for the rest of the afternoon! Perfect.


The kids started off with a 45 minute tap class with me, Miss Caroline. We had just one attendee who had not danced before but the workshop was structured so that beginners and experienced tappers would be able to do it and enjoy it. They had a great time learning the routine.

Then we had a snack break and a breather, changed from tap shoes to sneakers, and it was time for some Hip-Hop with Sarah D.


A bit of pop & lock, a bit of break dancing and a grooving little routine. The kids loved it.

Next Wednesday we do it again, this time for the younger kids. So if you're scratching your head for something to inspire (and wear out) a 4-7 year old, you should get in quick! You can check out Miss Caroline Tap Dance online or on facebook.



  1. my girls would love it.but I think its a little far to go........LOL

  2. I've really enjoyed these last couple of posts - this comment encompasses them all! Clare and Ally would love to learn tap dancing with you (I showed them the "films").
    Happy holidays. I like school holidays.

  3. My Miss Monet would love that. Can I reserve a place for her next week? (If only!!!!)

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Both classes show kids who are amazingly good! That co-ordination...ooops, just dropped my pen...that co-ordination...sorry, excuse me, just tripped on my what was I saying? :)

  5. Oh, Stomper, you are lovely. I do wish I could come to your classes (do you run them for retired people?)

  6. Could you take my dog? He'd like to jump around with kids for a few hours and then sleep all afternoon. I don't know about the tapping part though...

  7. So when I come for a visit, can you squeeze in a tap lesson? Maybe I should just move there so I can learn? It looks so fun!

  8. Oh how adorable are they!! Looks like so much fun.


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