Friday, May 25, 2012

Being good, being important, crystals and soccer dads.

1. Both my kids have been "Caught Being Good" at school recently and rewarded with  a book, a certificate and some public acclaim.  Climber's award was for being a conscientious and hard worker in all learning situations (well done, o firstborn) and Cherub's was for sharing with a friend.  Actually his teacher was super impressed with him for his actions - there'd been a special goodie bag from the canteen for Anzac Day and a boy in his class whose parents don't speak much English messed up the order, and he didn't receive one.  Cherub immediately offered to share his pack with the disappointed child, and although full marks for kindness I am bound to add that Cherub, being the fusspot he is, really wasn't that excited by the snacky contents and felt no pang in giving them up.  Still, take the credit where you can, hey?


2.  Cherub grew a crystal from one of those science kits, and a mighty impressive process it was.

This is the early stages where it started creeping down the wall as though it were a family eating triffid crystal...

crystal growing down the wall

 ... this is how the solution looked at the end of the 10 (?) days ...


... and this is the finished crystal, which is so pretty.


I'm keeping it as an ornament.

3. Climber's soccer team had a 'friendly' game against the parents a while ago.  Actually the Dads and one Mum put up a fairly impressive showing but ultimately went down due to lack of stamina and team fitness.  I ended up taking one of the Dads (Mavis' ex, slightly awkward) to hospital because of a shoulder injury, but as Mister Fixit put it You know it was a good match when only one of the parents ended up at hospital.


Mister Fixit is the dad in the red shirt with hair, and Climber is the sprinting blond in the centre front.

4. Cherub was class VIP last week at school. His teacher made it much more low-key than Climber's, so all Cherub was expected to do was complete the double page spread in the VIP book. - he included this photo to show that he can now do a forward flip on the trampoline - bravo! 


As an optional extra, the VIPs could bring along someone to Friday afternoon VIP presentation, and Cherub said he'd like me to come in and give everyone a tap lesson.   It was a smash success, with the kids absolutely loving it, and nearby children and staff coming from everywhere to watch and cheer and even join in behind us.

Ever the comedian, Cherub opened his VIP book entry with This is Gerald, Gerald the Chicken, no actually it's me, Cherub.  It got a good laugh when he read it out for the class. The caption that went with this photo in the VIP book was this is my weird brother Climber, and our cat Basil.


Luckily his brother thought it was amusing too.



  2. Basil is super amused... But can he do a forward flip on the tramp? CAN HE??!

  3. haha, great update! Did that crystal thingy EAT the bottom out of the plastic container? That's what it looks like in the 2nd pic. A huge hole in the bench top haha

  4. That crystal looks creepy. Pretty at the end, but super creepy at the beginning.

    I'm not going to mention how gorgeous your boys are, simply because I also think that may end up sounding creepy, I say it often enough.

    But I AM going to say again how gorgeous Basil is. His colour is divine.

    Great update, thanks!

  5. "Mister Fixit is the dad in the red shirt with hair"

    best line I've read all month

  6. That crystal is spectacular. Maybe Mister Nearly 6 would get into a bit of crystal action too.

  7. The crystal experiment is so fun! Did it with an 8th grade class while studying landforms during my practicum teaching. Basil looks so healthy! A good return on your investment! :-) Not that wouldn't be worth it regardless.


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