Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Loony Scientist

It was Dress Up As A Mad Scientist to celebrate Science Week at school today.  I'd had a previous half-discussion with the Cherub about this, and he'd said he wanted to do the Lab Coat Look, but then when I went rummaging for my white shirt for him, he suddenly said I don't want to dress up, I'm not a dressing up type of boy any more Mummy.

Thankfully that particular phase of his life only lasted 5 minutes, up until the moment that the idea of dressing up as our favourite loony scientist, aka Graeme Garden from The Goodies, was floated.  (We're going through a bit of a Goodies stage at the moment, via my boxed set of Goodies dvds.)

Not only did Cherub enthusiastically help with costume assembly, he woke us this morning already dressed in full GG attire.


I'm very relieved.



  1. Hey Cherub, can you tell us what was in your Mad Scientist pockets? (in that last photo).

    Great costume! I love it. Well done to you and your mum.

  2. It's a gold ingot like The Goodies and The Beanstalk, and a potion, not from any Goodies thing, just for science.

  3. Ace costume! Just Cherub's year, or Climber's too ?

    1. The whole school, for those that wanted to. Climber took some science goggles for if there was a parade, but as there wasn't one, he just left them in his bag..

  4. Oh I love The Goodies. Tim was my favourite Goodie, Mr Cherub.

  5. Surprisingly, I never watched the Goodies. But I am glad Cherub got into the spirit of things, we don't want him growing up and out of these phases too quickly.

  6. OMG, he looks just like him!!!

    Did he accessorise with a random animal named Kenneth? ;)

  7. And what an appropriately grave scientific expression he is wearing in that first photo---Where did the baby Cherub go??

  8. I think my heart almost stopped for a minute. He is an adorable mad scientist.

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