Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Some of the things that affect my ability to blog are: School holidays, houseguests, having to host a party, going away, a big work commitment, a big school commitment, stress or Fixit being around in the daytime.  All those things make me feel I can't sit at my computer composing and constructing tales of our life; all of those things also happened in the last 6 weeks, hence why nothing has been posted here since Cherub's birthday.  And now I have SO much catching up to do.

Because of course we've been busy as busy bees.  My Mum and my sister have both been to stay, Mum for a christening and my sister to photograph all the horseraces that happened in Melbourne last month (there were quite a few!).  Fixit had a birthday while Mum was here, and although I had to work on the actual evening of his birthday, he and I were able to go out on a date the night before, because Mum kindly minded the chillun for us.  I did make a cake for him before I rushed off to tap.


My significant work commitment was the replacement of the portable floor at my tap hall, involving trips to the hardware store in borrowed cars and a lot of painting.


As well as some jigsaw work by the invaluable Mister Fixit.


The new boards sound great and look much better, but owing to the fact some of them are slightly warped, the brave new easy set-up I envisaged hasn't happened and in fact there appears to be just as much taping and messing around so far. *sigh*


The major stress of the last 6 weeks was the ongoing saga of the stolen gas meter at my tap hall, which seems resolved, after 12 weeks (I'm not making that up) of no heating or hot water. Ridiculously, the meter was replaced after a mere 8 weeks, only to be stolen again that same evening.  It then took just 2 weeks (!!) to get a new one, but as soon as it arrived it was taken away for safekeeping for a further 2 weeks while a safety cage was built.  I had been boiling a kettle for so long to mop the floors that I'd actually forgotten how I used to get the hot tap water in to the mop bucket and it took 2 minutes of thinking for me to remember.

Anyway.  Hello again!  Everything else that happened really needs it's own post, so I will post again soon.  Meanwhile, here's a picture the kids took of Basil in the washing machine, he loves to jump in there when doing a crazy-cat pelt through the house.



  1. Yes but you still haven't told us why you haven't had time to blog? :)

    Ok, just kidding.

    Basil is still gorgeous!

  2. I wonder that anyone has time to blog these days, but you do seem pretty busy. Mice to see you pop up in my reader again.

    The boards do sound nice.

  3. What a pretty kitty! Your fixit is so very handy. The thing with the gas meter makes me want to scream! Why did it take so long and who the hell steals a GAS METER for Pete's sake! It is just crazy!


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