Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Owing to school graduation, high school orientations, houseguests, tap concerts for small and grown, end of term  palaver and I don't know what else, we didn't get our Christmas tree up until yesterday evening.  Today was spent doing last minute shopping, baking and making.  But I think we're ready now.  Nothing like a deadline to keep you focussed. Just a little more wrapping tonight and a smidge more baking in the morning and I think I can finally relax and enjoy Christmas! Yay!


The kids took the job of exercising thoroughly before bedtime - so as to be properly tired on the most exciting of nights - pretty seriously.  As well as a family bike-ride earlier in the day (made memorable by a maniac running the pedestrian lights we were about to step out onto so they he could get to the next red light a mere 20 metres away; Fixit promptly went after him and gave him a good reprimanding and a smack on the back of the head), Cherub ran 15 laps round the house, bounced 100 times on the trampoline and danced 2 tap-dances before bedtime stories.  Both kids also made good use of Grandma Fixit's old exercise bike.

Just before bedtime, we remembered to set the plate for Santa.


Then it was time for the boys to try to get to sleep. Goodnight Cherub.


Good night Climber.


Happy Christmas from us.



  1. Mery Christmas! Your boys are hilarious! Hope Santa's good to them and you have a wonderful Xmas break!

  2. Belated happy Christmas to you and your lovely boys!


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