Saturday, March 23, 2013

Feted, again!

What a wonderful job my kid tappers did this year at the fete, in our seventh year! Bless their tappy little toes.

We started with the big kids first, doing their chair dance.  Ace, as usual.


The littlies were fantastic this year, and tapped FOR THE WHOLE SONG!! Some years they just stand there looking confused, but these guys knew what to do, and they did it. Bravo, tap-babies!


These 2 beginners looked like professionals, and barely needed my help.


The Gliders had a pretty hard routine this year! They've done really well to learn it, and did a great job.


The cheeky and delightful Shufflers. They sure know their stuff.


The irrepressible Groovers. They are star performers, this crew. 


Thanks to Nell and Fixit for help, and to the wonderful tap families. They are the best.

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