Friday, June 07, 2013

More purple than you can poke a stick at

2013 9:03 AM

I was very spoiled for my birthday. I have such nice family and friends.  Mister Fixit did very well with my suggestion that I'd like a new, less maroon, dressing gown and found me a right royal one, complete with white fur collar. I shall be Queen Stomper when I wear it, my purple sheepskin boot slippers will of course add to the regal effect.

2013 8:21 PM

If you give Climber some lead time he quite often produces a very thoughtful and personal present. After watching his younger brother sew himself a hand puppet...

2013 7:41 PM

...he suddenly took himself off to my sewing room and secretly worked on this little gift. It's even stuffed with some wheat, so I can pop it in the microwave and use it as a hand warmer.

2013 10:49 AM

And he also rallied the troupes and made me the most lovely and hilarious birthday video. Made my day, it did.

I'm taking all my purpleness off to Crarf Camp for the weekend now. The cat tried to stow away but I spotted him.

 2013 9:59 AM


  1. Happy Birthday!

    That is the most awesome birthday video ever. EVER!

    Enjoy your crafting weekend.

  2. Lovely cat, he's really comfortable there.

  3. Cant remember if I FB'd it to you- but Happy birthday! I think I gave birth to your daughter, she's mad for purple too, and would love your purple filled suitcase! Have fun at Crarf camp!

  4. Happy Birthday! Have fun at camp!stay warm!

  5. oh, I would die for a video like that! You cried, huh? x


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