Tuesday, December 24, 2013

And then it was the Grown-ups' Performance

The Grown-Up Students' show is a very different proposition to the kids' one. I have to coax many of them into even considering strutting their tap stuff in front of others. Some are fine to tap in front of people they don't know but won't bring anyone they do know to see. A few are keen. Given all that, I don't see that I could ever really consider charging admission for this, which is why I make it more like a party, so at least we can have yummy nibbles and a glass of champagne afterwards.

When it comes down to actually performing their dances on the night, they do seem to enjoy themselves, and having made it through the first time terror, they are somewhat happier to do it the next year. When you think about it, as adults there are not many times in our lives when we receive a hearty round of applause for something we've done, and it is rather nice.

Here they are then, my gorgeous and brave grown-up students, concentrating like mad, and making me proud. I applaud them all.


Here are some photos too.

I was tired before it started and completely whacked afterwards because I danced every dance that night, more for moral support than because they needed it but try telling them that. So it was followed by a day of collapse (in 40 degree heat, blergh), and then a day of Christmas shopping (finally!), an evening of post-show slump (nothing nice will ever happen again!) and then some pre-Christmas frenzy. I think I will properly relax on Boxing Day.


  1. "And that's the Ethiopian Shim-Sham!" Josephus. History of the World Part One aka Gregory Hines. My first viewing of tap on the screen and I reckon today's movie is right up there. Huge congratulations to all of your tappers, they were magnificent.


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