Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bike Ride

Today was a gorgeous Melbourne autumn day, and Fixit, Cherub and I decided to ride our bikes to school.  After we'd crossed the river there's a hill you need to stand up in your pedals for, with a little bit of flat in the middle for a respite. When we approached the hill, I overtook Cherub (little legs, small bike, no gears) and called out Come on Cherub!! as I powered past. He hates me overtaking him, it's very funny.  He called back Don't do that, you make me laugh and then I haven't got enough power to get up the hill!  Then as we came to the second part of the steep hill I heard a stifled chuckle, and there was Cherub being assisted past me by Fixit riding beside him and pushing him along.  After they'd passed, Fixit looked back and smiled at me, very pleased.

I love riding with my family.
cherub school photo
(Cherub's school photos, can't decide which one I prefer)
cherub school photo20

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  1. Hmmm, I understand. I looked at them both and said to myself "I like the second one best, but the first one is really nice too, hmmm, then again, maybe I like the first one, but oh, look at the second one..."


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