Sunday, June 01, 2014


If you were concerned about that very high pitched noise coming from Melbourne's northern suburbs earlier today, please don't be: it was only me shrieking in delight because Climber had just scored the very first goal of his career. Climber is a very valuable defender and as such has not had many goal scoring opportunities, but lately his coach has been giving him an occasional run in the midfield. A couple of weeks ago Climber came oh-so-close to scoring and was gutted when he fluffed it, so much so that his team-mates, a lovely bunch of boys who are very fond of each other, immediately rallied round to comfort him. Today when he positioned himself neatly by the edge of the goal and cleanly received a cross and pegged it in, all of his team-mates shared his delight and came running up to congratulate him as he ran up the pitch with his arms outstretched in joy. (That was the bit when I cried.) It was smiles all round. Happy, happy, happy.

1 Jun 2014 1:48 pm

1 Jun 2014 1:48 pm


  1. The first goal is a very special achievement. I'm not at all surprised by the shrieking and tears! Well done to your gorgeous boy.


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