Thursday, April 02, 2015

Craft Camp March 2015

I was so desperate to get to Craft Camp over the Labour Day long weekend.  Most of the other girls arrived on Friday, but with a kidtap performance happening the following weekend, it wasn't possible for me to miss the Saturday morning lesson/penultimate rehearsal.  But my gear was all stowed in the car, and as soon as I'd packed up at the Tap Hall, I was on the road to Lancefield.  I felt so happy when I walked in the door and saw all my lovely friends gathered round the studio table at Sewjourn.





I spent most of my time sewing a dress from a Clothkits pattern, a vintage pattern for a tea-dress with princess seams.  Clothkits had had a bit of a special on discontinued Liberty Fabrics, making it worth my while to brave the UK/Australian exchange rate, so I picked a design called Poppy & Honesty and chose the more autumnal colour scheme, which had pops of purple, green and red.


When the fabric arrived it was a lot browner than I expected, and I doubt I would have picked it had I seen it first.  But having said that I've received so many compliments about how nice the colour looks on me that I'm trying to get over my dislike of wearing brown, which I owe to uniforms from my teenage years; specifically school from years 5-10, and the Kentucky Fried Chicken tunic from my first job.  And it's not a sludgy brown, it's what, as a Melbournian, I would describe as latte-coloured.  Which has positive connotations for me.

My kids tried (and let's face it, succeeded) to put the wind up me while I was away by telling me that they'd ridden a mototrbike illegally on a road whilst on their own little mini-break to the Fixit family caravan-house in Gippsland.  But I saw the photos when I got home and it was fairly unterrifying, particularly as Cherub never went out of first gear.

Untitled   Untitled

During the course of the weekend we celebrated Suse's birthday.  Jen and I organised a cake.  In that, I said to Jen could you bake a birthday cake for Suse that's gluten free so Kate can have it too? and she said yes and came up with the goods.
Candles and everything.  Birthdays are fun at Sewjourn.



My culinary offerings for the weekend consisted of chocolate mousse on Saturday night and apple and pear crumble on Sunday. With fancy poached pears. This is me whipping cream and deafening the girls.

As always we had a gorgeous time together, eating and drinking very well indeed, enjoying each other's company and creativity, and having lots of laughs.  I love Crarf Camp. Can't wait til June!


  1. Lovely photos Caroline! And your dress is gorgeous.

  2. At already feels like AEONS ago. Wasn't it lovely! Still so impressed with that dress, I share your uniform-based dislike of brown, even though objectively I think it looks quite good on me. An on you, it is a lovely (latte!) tone, and the dress is so beautifully put together. Very envious of your care and skill. I probably could emulate at least one of those! Should work on that.


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