Sunday, May 01, 2016

Sparkly Street Family Update.


Last night I made a roast pork dinner for the family; Fixit and I loved it, Climber quite liked it, Cherub ate it but didn't enjoy it. Kids. Cherub eats a wider range than he used to but is still basically a fussbudget, or, as we say, maintains constant vigilance against our pathetic attempts to poison him.  He insists, despite my persistent cajoling, that he doesn't like gravy.  Obviously he's crazy, how can anyone not like gravy?  Mind you, Fixit insists he doesn't like pork crackling, we don't even bother telling him he's crazy, we are too busy fighting over it.

After we ate, we played card games together, even Fixit who says he doesn't like card games. (We were going to play Jenga but we couldn't find our Jenga set. Maybe I gave it away when we moved, but that sounds crazy.)  We played Billionaire and Uno, and it was really fun.

While we were playing, Basil ran through the house with a smallish rat in his mouth. Fixit charged up to our bedroom to deal with it, the rest of us followed bringing the plastic container needed to remove the rat. When we got up to the bedroom (it's quite a long hallway) Fixit and Basil were both hunting around near the window, trying to find the rat which the stupid cat had let go. Suddenly I saw something moving on the lace curtains, and there was the rat, scaling the lace. I may have shrieked, it was so perfectly a reminder of how rats could totally run up your leg if you didn't stand on a chair when one was loose.  The rat got right to the top of the curtains very quickly indeed, so Fixit did the only sensible thing he could, and picked the cat up overhead and said there it is you idiot, whereupon Basil launched himself up and across, like a top soccer goalie making an amazing save, and snaffled it. We all cheered like mad. Then we took the rat away from him, for humane disposal. He hates it when we do that, but based on his prior record, we really can't trust him not to lose a rodent. Although about a month ago I witnessed him eating a mouse whole, it was disgusting. PS this is a cat who only eats THE most expensive catfood.

Afterwards we noticed that our lace curtains got torn during the kerfuffle. I don't know if I should try and patch the tears or keep a look-out in op-shops for a replacement set.

Torn curtains and culprit sleeping in the foreground

In other news, Cherub's voice is breaking. He's very croaky, much more so than Climber ever was.  It's keeping us entertained. He can't reach any high notes any more, but his attempts to do so are very funny. He is still not as tall as me but his man-nose is coming in. He says his nostrils are as wide as his face and is not impressed, but we think he'll grow into his new nose.  He is liking high school.

Watching the Socceroos.

The soccer season has started. We're crossing our fingers that both boys' teams get re-graded down a level so we don't have to suffer watching them get flogged every week like last year.


Last night I was woken up by a thunderstorm. I'm much braver about thunderstorms than I used to be. I just rolled over and went back to sleep

Today we went grocery shopping as a family and as we packed the car I banged by head really hard on the edge of the boot.  Pretty sure I'll be having a Lump from that.

Cherub made chocolate chip cookies today, the only thing he ever bakes. He was galvanised after seeing white chocolate chips at the supermarket so we bought them for him.


Climber helped him for a bit. Climber is a very accomplished baker and recently made croissants from scratch with this best mate

Croissants from scratch by Climber and his bestie. Delish. Talk about flexing your baking muscles, this process took two days.

Climber has been growing some sunflowers from seed, and they've just bloomed. I think he was inspired after his girlfriend (they've been together 6 months, she goes to a different school and she's very nice but rather shy with us) expressed a desire to punch a sunflower. For him to grow them for her so she could realise her dream of punching a sunflower is so sweet, and very like the sort of thing Mister Fixit would also do. But I hope she doesn't actually punch the sunflowers.

Sunflowers on a grey day

Just thought I should actually start writing some stuff down again. The days whizz past so quickly.


  1. Stomper! I'm so delighted to see you still blogging! I'm very spotty on it myself these days but on a mission to write more. I cannot believe how Climber and Cherub have grown....such handsome young men!

  2. What a great post and lovely photos. I love roast pork! :)

  3. Goodness, hello. Your boys are both lovely but not at all like either of you, or at least not in photos. (Not that you're not lovely also.) Our children don't look like us either. Some people produce virtual clones. Funny. Anyway, that all sounds good!

  4. Nooo! Those can't be the tiny boys I remember from when I first started reading your blog. The ones who were, oh, about the ages my children are now...

    They seem to be lovely boys, if disconcertingly grown-up.

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