Thursday, April 23, 2009

In summary

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Fixit's blood tests came back; he has terrible cholesterol (7.7: I know my Mum will want to know this) and pre-diabetic sugar levels. The GP (a wonderful woman) doesn't want to medicate yet as she feels it is stress related. I'm not quite sure what the actual plan is, but Fixit is going to see the counsellor she recommended.

We are coming out of the let's just get him into a better headspace time and into the right, who do we need to contact to try and make some improvements time. Phone calls, emails, list-writing etc.

My Dad has just had the most fantastic victory on a great big law case that he is Special Counsel for. I think he is an absolute legend.

The kids are back at school after a lovely holiday, including the trip away. Climber did a tennis clinic which, as we hoped, boosted his confidence and enjoyment of tennis, so the weekly lessons will be ongoing. They were looking a bit shaky for a while there. At the holiday clinic he won his little tournament to the tune of 2 free movie tickets, so the whole family saw Monsters vs Aliens. In my To Dream the Impossible Dream way, I am now referring to the movie tickets as the first of Climber's Tennis Winnings...

My Mum has been to visit, bearing a gorgeous new teapot, and is back again this coming weekend. She would have preferred a leisurely week-long stay with her 2 Melbourne social engagements, but is very conscious of taking good care of her elderly husband.

I've had two blog-meets with the lovely Mary - the first in the Fitzroy Gardens with Pea Soup, Fairlie, Muppinstuff and Sheeps Clothing and the second just Mary, Jodie and I cruising down Gertrude St together- and they were both a lot of fun. We all got on so well and talked like old friends. Which we are, when you think about it. I have to tell you though, that I let Mary and Jodie meet Mister Fixit when he arrived to pick me up, and they behaved like teenagers meeting a rockstar, and yelled out Isn't he GORGEOUS?! as we started to drive away. Very, very funny.

I got so far behind with reading blogs that my Google Reader had over 300 posts for me to read and the pressure of that became too much. So I've cleared them all and will visit at leisure when our life is back in control. At present it feels like we're treading water here.


  1. oh yes sorry about that slight loss of decorum.
    But you know, well of course you do , he is rather gorgeous!
    I'm glad you have a few answers and I really hope it all gets sorted quickly. Illness is not good for gorgeous-ness

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

    As are you.

    Which is why I have everything crossed for some good outcomes...treading water is exhausting.

  3. I hope you are able to sort things out and get Fixit's health back on track soon. So stressful. Good thoughts and strength being sent your way.

  4. That all sounds like positive news and I am very happy for you but I am now going to be completely shallow and say that a new teapot deserves more than a passing mention, it needs a PHOTO!

  5. hope it all keeps going well.

    I am very jealous you got to meet some great fellow bloggers!!!


  6. He is a lovely, gentle, caring man. I hopw those shouty girls didn't embarrass the poor dear. I did not shout at him once when I came to visit him, but we are very polite in the far north...

  7. I agree, we DO need a photo of the teapot. Seriously.

    Fingers crossed for Fixit's health and looking forward to hearing about more spoils from your impossible dream. :)

  8. Just read Mary's account and came rushing over here to get a quick reminder of Fixit's gorgeousness. I'm such a groupie!


  9. Great to hear about your meeting(s) with Mary!

    Your Mr. Fixit's medical results sound very much like Mr. Commentbox's 4 years ago. Looks like you are heading in the right direction, it isn't easy, that's for sure. The body tells its own message sometimes. Mr. C. is much better now after much thought and change, there is a light at the end of the tunnel :)

  10. It was a beautiful morning wasn't it!

    Best of luck with the list writing etc... And hoping that Fixit moves to a better place healthwise soon.

  11. You do know that Australian actors are a hot commodity here in the States right now? I think your friends were on the right track.... Never mind that stressful school stuff; send him for a few acting lessons, call some agents and get him into the movies! His only stress then will be avoiding the papparazzi and schmoozing with adoring females [you'll be there at his side, toting your shotgun, of course!]
    Well, impossible dreams DO sometimes come true! I hope the counseling helps and he finds healthy ways to deal with all that stress...........
    Way to go Bjorg! Oops! I meant Climber!

  12. Rob's cholesterol was in the high range. He's eating brown rice now and more fruits and vegetables. We have to go back in June for a re-test. He was terribly unhappy to give up steak and chips and all those manly comfort foods that end up solidifying in the arteries.

    Hope Fixit can find a solution.

    Yay Climber! Look out Nadal.

  13. Goodness! An entire lifetime has happened in the mere eleven days or so since you last posted!

    So sorry about Fixit's health issues. I think you (and the GP) are correct that it's likely stress-related. Sometimes stress alone affects one's body, and sometimes it leads to behaviors which affect one's body.

  14. Oh poor Fixit, and poor you.
    I hope you get it all sorted out soon. You don't want illness hanging over you like that. What stress you must all be under.
    I wish I could have stayed longer on Monday, I was looking forward to seeing you.

  15. Hi,thinking of you, I know you are all under a lot of stress, not just Fixit but you too, holding it all together, hang in there.

  16. i don't s'pose fixit would ever consider a yoga class....

  17. I've been mulling over this one for a couple of days. You see I had a pale-faced sickly stressed out husband in the investment banking industry (I see parallels with aircraft maintenance, really I do). He was good at it and the money was good but the karma was BAD. They really are Sh*ts those bankers (sorry to any bankers reading, I'm sure you're one of the lovely ones)and the best thing we ever did was get the hell outta dodge.

    I'm not trying to give advice, I'm just saying I've seen it, it's ugly, and I feel for you.

  18. It was lovely to see you on Monday. Gosh, I hope you and Fixit can get things worked out so that he can relax a bit and get his health under control.

  19. Hi Stomper, it sounds like things are getting sorted there, but are still pretty trying. Hang in there.

  20. oh dear life is busy .... hope it all comes together as it should ... esp mr fixit le xoxo

  21. EEK! Hope Fixit gets some care. And yay for your dad. Sounds like he'd be so proud about now.

  22. Oh, Fixit/Stomper family ! :(

    God, I hope this job gets better. I'm sure it's all there at the end, but there's just that damn hump in the middle? ( I hope! )

    take care of yourselVES. yes, plural.

    Good times ahead. I can just smell them..

  23. Fixit must have felt muchly chuffed that Mary and Jodie thought he was gorgeous!

    Sorry the stress is so bad. Hope it passes sooon.


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