Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The week that was.

I've started to wonder if I will ever write a well-constructed blog post again, and I think the answer is: not while Fixit is off work. Too distracting. However. He has taken himself off for a therapeutic motorbike ride to visit his parents' little home-away-from-home in the mountains, and I will be single-parenting until Thursday. So I think I can manage a quick update now, but only if I limit myself to the show-and-tell style post. Fixit goes back to work on Monday (fingers crossed that he'll be okay) and maybe then I will get my act together. Maybe. Can't promise anything. Depends a bit on my neck as well, sitting at the computer tends to aggravate it.

On with Show and Tell.

Here is my proud Cherub doing his first ever Home Reader with me.

Home Reading_8184
I like to jump.
I jump up.
I have a lump.
He read it very well indeed, doing excellent sounding out. Then he read it about 20 more times, just 'cos he could. He especially needed to read it to the big brother.

This is him filling out the paperwork afterwards...

Home Reading_8182

...which I am mostly showing to you so you can see the pretty purple glass bead bracelet that my visiting Mother gave me as an early birthday present.

Gorgeous, isn't it? Here's a close-up.

Oh and here's the new teapot and the teapot giver. Sadly they are both not quite in focus but you can't have everything. I don't want to hear any nagging from the We Know Your Life Is Crappy At The Moment But We Don't Care Just Show Us Your New Teapot Brigade. (You know who you are.) Wedgewood, designed by Vera Wang.

What else?

Oh yes, I finally got to the Comedy Festival. I took the Climber to a show at the Melbourne Museum where 3 comedians took us round the bugs, the dinosaurs and the underwater bit and told as many jokes as they could, interwoven with the occasional fact. It was completely ace to go out with the Climber, such a nice little companion. I now have a new celebrity crush on Andy Muirhead who was by far the funniest. Funny AND good-looking, gotta love that. Somehow he managed to fire off a large number of risque jokes without the kids in the audience cottoning on, I think that's a skill. Although Climber informed me later that he understood that referring to the Insect Display as The Buggery was in fact rude. Clever boy. Where would he have heard the phrase Bugger, I wonder?

Melbourne Comedy Festival 09

On Sunday Jenny, Astrid and I went to see Denise Scott's show (an adaptation of her book - an excellent read which I recommend). I love Denise Scott. Her encore was a comedy tap-dance. The girls and I then went out to dinner at a nice Japanese place on Bourke Street. We had a bonus celeb spot while we ate too, Kram, eating at the same place and looking unmistakably like himself. Not quite as exciting as Fixit's celeb sighting last week, he saw Dylan Moran (Blackbooks etc) shambling down Brunswick Street.


  1. It's a very elegant teapot, and a handsome creamer too. Deluxe gift!

    The bracelet is stunning, too.

    (and we DO care about your life, Dear... ...Congrats to Cherub for his reading, and hope Fixit's solo journey is restorative...)

  2. Dylan Moran? Oh how exciting!!

    Hurrah for your boy's reading skills - it is lovely once they figure out what it is all about.

    And as for a date with just one of the children - oh I do enjoy doing that.

  3. Lovely bracelet, lovely teapot. For the record I wasn't one of the you.know.whos who were all about the teapot. Although I did want to see the teapot, I just didn't want to say... :)

    Oh, and well done Cherub on his first reader! A big moment in time indeed.

  4. Oh I only watch Collectors because of Andy Muirhead. I had no idea he was a funny guy as well!

    I think that is a lovely teapot and I don't even take tea.

    I can just imagine how very proud the new reader boy is.

  5. Excellent teapot and I suspect I was one of the ones who told you to shut up and show it. Wasn't I?

    Slinking off to check previous post's comments.

    All the best to Fixit for next Monday,

  6. Yep, I see I did leave a truly insensitive impatient comment.

    But you KNOW that I was sending love and kisses along with the sarky stuff, don't you darl?

  7. Very exciting celebrity sightings! I have requested a new teapot for my birthday in June but I don't think I'll be getting anything quite as special as that!

  8. I like them all: teapot, bracelet, reader, comedy festival.... especially the bracelet!

    How proud the Cherub looks. Funny about the Climber and the buggery. Must post about J.T. and the f-word.


  10. You mean you didn't already have a crush on Andy Muirhead?

  11. Did you see Kram on Spicks and Specks? Last week I think. I'd totally ogle him in real life: our fridge is named Black Betty.

    Hope Fixit's break helps those levels...

  12. Life has been full to the brim hasn't it?
    Nice to catch up with you.

    Beautiful jewels and China... Happy Early Birthday.

    Climber's a savvy one. We're still trying to convince Z that Shut up is a dirty word and not to be thrown about loosely. I suspect we'll know exactly which words he's aware of at that age... He likes to weild his power with his tongue.

    Hope you have a nice couple of days regrouping now that you're home.

  13. Lovely show and tell. I hope Fixit gets fixed by his trip and you have a good time with your (little) boys.

    I had lunch with my baby boy (aged 24) today and it was so nice.

    Great to see your mum in your context!

  14. Ooooh! Pretty bracelet!

    I hope Fixit's trip is going well and is, as someone else put it, restorative. Cherub's reading is coming along well, isn't it?

  15. I love your gorgeous bracelet!
    The teapot is very nice, though I dont drink tea myself.
    I love children learning to read, & seeing the delight when they 'get' it.

  16. Yay Mum! That's a beautiful bracelet.
    Thinking of you and wishing you all well, A.


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