Thursday, June 25, 2009

School Reports

As an ex-girlyswot extraordinaire, I am thrilled to announce my children were both rated as excellent in their effort and class behaviour.

I am also thrilled (but not surprised, I help out in class I've seen how well he's settled in) to see that Cherub received a glowing report for his first one ever.

morning cherub0583

I am even more thrilled to announce that the Climber, who had been mooching along with minimal effort for his first few years at school, has blossomed this year under the tutelage of a much stricter and bossier teacher with -as she puts it - high expectations. It's not that he's ever done badly, mind, he's always been right on target, it's just that this year for the first time ever he has started to do really well.

morning climber581

So much so that he's been doing the Extension Program in mathematics, which as far as I can gather is special coaching and stimulation for the clever-clogses. The thing that gets me is that I've just found this out. Surely a little note home to the parents wouldn't be out of the question, vis; Your child has been selected for the Extension Program in Subject X which means he'll do Y. Because if school thinks that the Climber will EVER tell me what goes on there, they are dreamin'.


  1. Congrats on your excellent clever clogs parenting. Hope Climber will also learn how to get stuff done without having a bossy britches teacher, tis a useful skill I only acquired in my twenties...

    A friend of mine works at several schools, her favourite is the one that doesn't have end of term/semester reports - they expect teachers and parents to discuss stuff as it comes up and to keep in touch.

  2. Our reports come out tomorrow. It will be Tom1's last ever school report.

  3. Clever boys. Well done.

    I always look at the attitude and behaviour information before anything else. You get far in this world being an agreeable person.

  4. Love it! Schools expecting kids to tell their parents things.....

    My parents still have my school report cards at home and every so often they get brought out. The Primary 4 one (I was about 8/9) always gets howls of said "Diane is an incessant talker who doesn't know when to stop, but a pleasure to teach all the same" - that teacher certainly had me right!

  5. Most excellent reports. Don't expect useful information like that from schools ... PL spent an entire year in some sort of special class which to this day I don't know what it was or what it was for or even whether it was for smart kids, kids that need help or somewhere in between.

  6. Oh yes! What M said! I get infrequent, inconsistent reports for J.T. "Off-task... again." Which obviously means it happens a LOT, but we don't find out until it's gone on for quite sometime.

    Brilliant work by those two! I'm guessing the math bit comes from Fixit. BUT the excellent behavior, from you?

  7. When we ask SG how his day has been all he ever says is "Good". Same anwer for everything, so we find out nothing!

  8. I think I might just echo what PP said - she knows of what she speaks

  9. Yay boys! I'm glad you said that. I always feel like it must be just me and my kids who have the not telling your parents what's going on at school thing but I guess it's more common than I thought!

  10. Good going boyohs!

    Your men are kicking goals !

  11. That's great! and yes he definitely deserves some pussycat pants... let me know when you are ready!


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