Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kid Tappers Strike Again.

My kid tappers rock. They really do. Saturday mornings are excellent fun because I am blessed with such great students from ace families. It's true.

Today a whole heap of them came and tapped with me at the Collingwood Toy Library Fair. This is our 4th appearance there - some of the kids (including my boys) have done every one since 2007. This is what mine looked like back in those days...

Gawd, talk about babies. Anyway. If you've been reading here long, these shots are probably all starting to look a bit the same but that will not stop me from sharing some of my favourite pictures. However to add interest I'm including a line from the song they're doing and you can have a go at guessing. It's easy-peasy.

I even kissed Aunt Lou. (Tiny Tappers 3-4yos)
ooh CTLF 2010 18

Bad guys go running whenever he's in town. (Junior Shufflers 5-7yos)
toughies CTLF 2010 050

Put your back into it. (Gliding Groovers 6+ Intermediates)
dino2 CTLF 2010 073

(Bonus shot of these guys because I couldn't pick which one I liked best)
rah CTLF 2010 100

Shake til you feel better. (Tapsters 8+, advanced)
bigs CTLF 2010 155

Everyone enjoyed the show, and all the kids were fabulous and adorable and danced really well. But I think the best feedback for me was several people commenting how good the Tapsters (the big kids class) sounded. Looking cute is one thing, sounding good is a whole 'nother level. They did too, with their timesteps and bombershays.

Thanks again to my roadie and photographer (Mister Fixit), my Production Manager (Nell) my Car Hire company & video recordist (Jen) and all the gorgeous families who came and danced or cheered us on.


  1. They all look like they LOVE it! Not that I'm surprised, of course.

  2. Oh that first shot of your BABIES! Awwwww ...

  3. That's so adorable. I would have loved to see it!

  4. James Brown I know... they all look great!

  5. I wish you'd been my daughters' tap teacher. Though neither of them is quite Freda Astaire material, I thought they loved their tap teacher. Years later, they told me that she wasn't really as nice to the kids as she was to the parents, and they were rather scared of her. Hmm.

    You look inspirational!

  6. WOW - looks great - you'll have to YOUTUBE it next time so that we can hear it.

  7. Oh how fun! I love the Cherubs enthusiasm in the second shot of his group. Gorgeous!

    Abby starts gymnastics on Monday and she is so excited! I hope she has as much fun as your tappers do!

  8. I think it's so cool for your boys to have their very own, live-in tap teacher!

  9. Great shots. I was almost at this fair but ended up stuck at the makers Market instead ;-(

  10. Those big kids are so good, I only get to see them at shows and i am blown away every time. You're ace!

  11. I love the attitiude in the 5-7 year old shot and the seriousness of tapping in the advanced class.

    Your group is going from strength to strength by the looks of it!

  12. Great pics. So glad it is going well.


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