Thursday, March 25, 2010

pick yourself up, dust yourself off

All righty then. I'm officially not in a panic any more. This is good because panicking is stupid. I've done some marketing, I've done some thinking, I've been reassured and helped by good people far and wide and I'm back to being Miss Caroline the Optimist again. Big thanks again to all who weighed in and helped out and calmed me down. You rock.

Meanwhile in household news, here is what's going on.

I received a lovely teatowel via Sooz's teatowel swap from Jo at Jellybabyblog. Thank you Jo!

teatowel swap

And I indulged in some panic-induced retail therapy but actually I think I would have bought this anyway, panic or no, because it had my name stamped all over it.

new purple wallet

I will be heading off to Sewjourn on Saturday for a crafter-rific weekend of girl power and err.. craft power. Yay for craft power and girl power. Time to try making a skirt with a zip. Time to finish off a few projects. And time to just generally recoup and regroup. The lovely Miss Kaye (from my performance troupe The Tap-pets) is visiting us with her mobile massage service and she'll be in charge of transforming the plank of wood into my upper back once more. Can't wait.

Fixit's motorcycle was declared a write-off after his little accident. Iron-balls 1, Honda Hornet 0. This is bad news really, as he got that bike at staff rates when he was still in the trade and it was supposed to be the bike that lasted. It was still under finance too, which means that we'll see very little of the payout, the bulk of it goes straight to the finance company. Fixit was very glum about this. I reminded him that in less than 2 years when the apprenticeship is done he will be, for the first time in his life, on a reasonable wage and that he can get a good bike then. Meantime he has the loan of a friend's bike and has started looking for a second-hand one. He is just completing a 6-week stint at TAFE and I think his brain is well and truly fried (I know his fingernails are), but so far he has passed all exams. It's probably good that I'm going away on the weekend because it has forced him to take time off to mind the kids (school holidays) and this will be an excellent wind-down for him. You see how I look out for that man?

Climber has started keeping a diary as a direct result of reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. He is really committed to it too, and is madly scribbling away as we drive to and from school or last thing at night. He let me read a bit when he first started but wants it to be private now, fair enough. He tells me bits though. Quite often the last thing he writes is a preparation for the future ie: Today at school I... - that way he can leap right in when he's re-united with his diary. He also had to do a self-portrait for school, we used a printed iron-on transfer onto an old canvas then he painted things about himself round the outside. It will go straight to the pool-room once his teacher has finished with it.

climber's self-portrait_2092

Cherub lost his second ever tooth...

tooth #2 falls out 2099

... and he came this close to swallowing it again. Luckily, as he explained in his note to the Tooth Fairy, he thought it was an apple seed so he took it out of his mouth in the nick of time.

Tooth fairy note_2102


tooth fairy note and bros_2105


  1. Ah your kids are gorgeous.

    I really love reading your posts, you know that?

    And have fun this weekend, don't forget your drugs this time!

  2. Seriously, every photo of your boys makes me suck in my breath-- they are gorgeous!

    I am sooooo jealous of your craft weekend. I've all but forgotten what it's like to have one. And look at all of the purple on here :-)

    Have a great time Stomper!

  3. Not only are they gorgeous, they are just so DEAR! I love that he's journaling. I love that he's so excited about it that he ends the day with the preamble for the next day. !!!! And the note to the Tooth Fairy? So adorable.

    Oh, I feel for Fixit. Poor guy. But that better bike is there, in the not too distant future.

    And sewjourn.... How I envy this! I would SO love to join you fabulous ladies. You will have a wonderful time.

  4. I know it's been said a million times, but you made some beautiful boys, you did.

    Love the diary and the tooth story! Love the way you look after your man (and yourself). Love the purple therapy. Love the craft therapy. Love, love, love ya too!

  5. Have a fabulous weekend!! I am sure your 3 boys will have a great time too and Climber can write all about it.

    Looking forward to seeing your new skirt.

  6. Have fun this weekend.

    I'm glad he didn't swallow a second tooth - not sure there would be much getting over that.

    Love the journal writing - a future blogger in the family perhaps?

  7. Good to hear you sounding more upbeat. You will be fine, you know. Have a wonderful time doing crafty stuff. You deserve a bit of time out.

  8. I love the tea towel! Wow some people (including you) are sooo clever :)

    Fat Mummaxx

  9. First the "thank goodnesses". Thank goodness the second tooth was not swallowed. Thank goodness you are feeling more positive AND going to craft camp.

    Now the "Oh Dear". Oh dear and poor Fixit for losing his bike, but thank goodness he remained safe.

  10. i was off air for a little while there so missed (but have now read ) about the new tap school etc.

    First of all - have a wonderful break at wonderful Sewjourn. Enjoy having your wooden plank converted back to relaxed muscle and spinal chord.

    Secondly (re tap dancing school)- all of us face competitive situations. The people who win out are those who are honest and true and hardworking. Oh it might take a while but they win out in the end. As you will darling. because you are all those things.


  11. Love all the purple goodies. And your little ones are so cute. My youngest has just lost his first baby toothtoo and is extremely excited.

  12. The journal is so gorgeous, I love that he leads himself on with little pointers - precious.
    The bike and finance are just the pits always! But the photos have to be worth it all, surely.
    Hope the week end away was good. Glad the optomist is beck. All I can offer is the reason I chose the one Poppy is doing is that it was easy to find on a search engine so I knew it was there and offered classes for younger students. It also sounded to be more fun then 'sell your soul serious' - I have seen too many Fame episodes to go down that path. I am sure that you will still go great because the best is happy students telling other people!


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