Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bow Ties Are Cool

Nell bought the boys a Doctor Who magazine pack, complete with some badges and a bow-tie, which were immediately snaffled by Cherub.  We then had to find him a collared shirt to wear with the bow-tie - I don't think he's ever worn a collared shirt before - and as he admired his reflection in the mirror he commented I look like an important person. Quite.

bowties are cool 6137

We harvested our very first eggplant this weekend.  We ate it over 2 days: half of it went in with the lamb roast and the other half we tried grilled.  Verdict - quite nice.  I don't think I'm a big fan of eggplant but I don't mind it either.  I was wondering if growing our own would tip the scales in favour, but suspect it would take a bit more cooking effort/knowledge on my part. Climber gamely tried some, but we gathered he didn't much like it after watching him swallow it with his face screwed up, and we didn't even offer it to The Fussbudget aka Cherub. I doubt I would have liked eggplant at their age.


In other news, I took the boys shoe-shopping today, because their old ones were so dilapidated as to be embarrassing.  I should really have taken a photo of Climber's old pair of [allegedly] white Dunlop Volleys, just to record how atrociously soiled, battered and holey they were, but the instant I'd handed over the money for the new ones I made Climber put them on whilst I dropped the smelly old shoes unceremoniously into a Shopping Centre Bin.  Climber, who becomes very attached to his belongings, was slightly stricken at the thought of his old shoes languishing away in the garbage, but he is quite mature these days and only needed to take one last sad look at them in the rubbish before philosophically and physically moving on.

Anyway, it's official.  Climber, at the ripe old age of 10, and I are now able to share shoes.


  1. Fezes too now are cool ;-)

    DestructoBoy got a t-whirt fro Christmas with a bow tie printed on teh front and the legend 'Bow ties are cool.' across the back.

  2. Yes, but do you really want to share shoes?

    That bow tie thing is too cute.

  3. You know, I can't swap shoes with the fully grown daughters - they have smaller feet than me. Giles, being a boy, has bigger feet (but not boats as his 6'2" height would command). Clare and Ally, at nearly eleven, are about a shoe size smaller than me. Genes from my Dad's side are small feet dominant. My Dad had very small feet, about size 7.5 women size, apparently his Mum had size 2 feet!

    Eggplant is an aquired taste, homegrown ones using non commercial variety seed are vastly better than shop ones.
    I wish I had a bigger yard.

  4. I'm not convinced the sharing thing has a lot of potential – unless you're into the wearing of atrociously soiled, battered and holey, once white footwear?

  5. That is a GORGEOUS photo of Cherub, just GORGEOUS!!

  6. That is a fine homegrown speciman of an eggplant! I'm not a big fan but my m-i-l used to make pickled eggplant loaded with garlic that was delicious. Cherub certainly does look like a VIP in his bow tie! By coincidence I've been making bow tie quilt blocks of late.....

  7. Aaahhh, that officially means that my nephew has larger feet than mine, and that his shoes will be too big for me!!!!

  8. Gorgeous boys, gorgeous eggplant.

    I'm just beginning to put together a mental plan for my organic garden to be planted in just six weeks or so! Oy!! I've got to get busy. I LOVE eggplant and brocolli and they were my least favorites when I was Climber's age.

    P.S. J.T. can now wear Mrs. Gail's shoes. I can't tell their crocs apart actually. I wear a size 10 U.S. so we know he gets it honest!


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