Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Week

Monday, as you know, my step-father died.  But our life still went on, so in between phone calls and stuff, the boys had to go to tennis and then I had to go off to teach tap.

On Tuesday, Climber had his school swimming carnival.  He made the final in every event which is awesome, and squeaked a ribbon for 4th place in the butterfly.  I'd really thought he was going to do very well this year, given his performance last year against boys a full year older than him, but what kept him out of contention for ribbon glory was lack of race experience. The kids who do swimming 'squad' were pretty much cleaning up in every event.  I think he was a little bit dashed not to have done better, and we might have a think about this squad thing when I've got some head-space to spare.

Tuesday night was swimming lessons for both boys, and then I went off to teach tap as usual.

Wednesday the boys and Nell and I went to see Mary Poppins.  Oh my God, I loved it. Loved it.  It really was magical and I thought the choreography was fantastic.  However, I realised that we were sitting too far back in the stalls to be able to see the tapping upside down on the proscenium arch bit, despite alleged A-reserve tickets, so after stewing for a while, when that bit came I dived over the elderly couple sitting next to us and crouch-ran down the aisle to a likely spot so I could see it.  Nell said later the kids were a bit startled and wanted to know what Mummy was doing.  Then just as I was wondering about what the best thing to do would be to get back to my seat, an usher came and tapped me on my back and ordered me back, so that was a relief really and I made my apologies to the lady next to me who I had to dive over twice.   She was very kind and understanding and we had a good chat later.  Later being at the end of the show when she saw my face completely wet with tears because what with everything I'm probably a bit more emotional than usual and also the show was well, magical and really touched my heart or my inner child or something.  The boys and Nell also enjoyed it.

We left the theatre and had to rush home so that Climber could make it on time for the last cricket match of the season (they lost) and then had to sit through the entire match (Cherub and I often slope off early or don't go at all, seriously I am out most nights; what I crave is nights in) because there was an end of season sausage sizzle.

Today being Thursday, I had The Guy round because he sourced a free G5 computer with more bytes to replace our nearly full and therefore reeeeaaalllly slow G4 computer, so I entertained his 3yo daughter while he did the techo stuff.  And tonight there was more tap.

Tomorrow I'll be up at the crack of dawn to fly to Sydney for my step-father's funeral, and will be returning home later that night so that I can still teach the kids' tap classes on Saturday morning.

And then after that, I am having a lie-down.


  1. I am sorry to hear about your step father..but as you goes on......
    I do think you will need a good lie down after it all!!!

  2. Wow. So much. I hope you can rest and relax soon!

  3. and an aspirin. Head spinning life at the moment, hope it all settles soon. LOVE Mary Poppins and would have loved it live too!

  4. If it is any consolation to you, Sydney has dawned sunny and mild today, at least you won't have to endure a wet day at the funeral.

    I hope it goes as well as can be, I hope your mum is ok, and I hope you get a rest when you get back home.

  5. I hope your Mum is holding up ok. Funerals can be very draining.

    I can just see you diving all over the theatre to see the tap dancing!!

  6. Oh dear, I hope you do get a good rest on Saturday afternoon. Hopefully Fixit will make you a nice cup of tea and tuck a rug around you and insist you not get up. Does he read here? I hope so.

    By the way, we are Burmese shopping at the moment so I'm looking forward to swapping notes and squeeing with you soon.

  7. Please make sure you get that lie down Stomper, It sounds like it is a good plan.

  8. Cripes woman. You'll have to stomp extra hard to get any tippy tap sounds happening because your feet don't look like they're touching the floor before the weekend.

    I hope the funeral is everything everybody needs it to be. x


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