Friday, January 27, 2012

Climber turns 11.

The 11th Annual Festival of Climber started with presents in the morning...


... followed by pizza, cricket and birthday cake in the park with friends and family.


It continued on the next day with a trip to a shopping centre for a fun-filled choose-your-own-present adventure with his Aunt Bronwen,  followed by a trip to the Muppet Movie with me.  That night his Grandma came to stay at our house too.


The next day was pancakes for breakfast!   And then another trip to a shopping centre for a fun-filled choose-your-own-present adventure, this time with Nell!


We think he's had a good introduction to eleven-ness.


  1. Happy birthday Climber! Love the 'choose your own present'... what did he decide?

  2. I can't believe he's eleven---How did that happen so fast? Happy eleventh Climber!

  3. Yay! Happy birthday to Climber! Now he goes to 11, eh? ;)

  4. A happy birthday to your lovely lad!

  5. "It's a special day when your young man turns 11", misquoting Hagrid here
    because I'm too lazy to go and check the book.

    Happy Birthday to Climber!

  6. Oh, happy birthday Climber! People who take you to choose-your-own-present are...awesome, no dispute. When I am a granny I want to be a spoiling one. And a reading stories one. And a going for walks one.
    Have to be a granny first, haha.

  7. Happy birthday to Climber! Eleven is such a cool age. A real on the cusp kind of age.

  8. That is quite the festival!

    Happy Birthday to the Climber.

    And I want some of that M&M cake.

  9. Happy Birthday Climber! 11 is pretty grown up. How exciting/terrifying!

  10. Happy Birthday to him. My boys would think he is very very cool in that shirt.
    They look so happy in the park!

  11. I'm stunned that he is 11 already! Good grief, we have known each other for YEARS now!! He was just a baby when we started, just going to school!

  12. Happy Birthday Climber, one of the happiest people I know, I think! He always has that lovely smile on his face. We did the shop for your own present this year and had cupcakes with the Grandparents instead of a big party. It was a hit! Very low stress.

  13. Oooh, 11 is lovely! Happy birthday! PS J has started tap lessons and is in heaven. I think of you every Wednesday afternoon at 3:30!


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