Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Not as young as I used to be.

climbers card
 cherubs card

Conversation at the breakfast table this morning, as I opened and admired the birthday gifts the kids had given me. (Stripey purple fingerless gloves, a purple headband and some scented bathbombs).

Climber: We had to walk all around [large shopping mall] to find your presents.

Me: I didn't realise you went to [large shopping mall]! I thought you were going to [closer-by small shopping mall]. 

Climber: No we went to [large shopping mall], and had to walk all the way round it.

Me: (touched) Well.  Thank you.  I really appreciate that you went to that much effort for me.

Climber: Well, thank YOU for all the effort you always make for us.

Cherub: I hope you go to that much effort for MY birthday.

(taken this morning, he decided to dress up as Long John Silver with a bandanna and a pirate hat a'la Tim Curry in The Muppet Treasure Island)
(Taken on the weekend after a victorious soccer match)

They are two very different children...

I've been telling Cherub for the last 2 weeks that he wasn't allowed to think about his (October) birthday until after mine, clearly that only applied to up to the point of gift handover, now it's open season.

In his defense though,  Cherub bounced out of bed to cuddle me and wish me a happy birthday and had a musical toy lined up ready to beep out Happy Birthday.  Well, he thought it was lined up, it actually beeped out Camptown Races first off, but then it played Happy Birthday and Cherub sang along too.


  1. Oh wow your kids are so amazing!

    I really really mean that.

    Those cards are just wonderful, aren't they?

    And that conversation made me laugh.

    Must be something about being born in October. I too, am an October baby, and I am very precious about my birthday. :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Stomper! The cards are lovely. And I laughed at the "I hope you go to that much effort for MY birthday". Nothing like 8yos telling it like it is! I love that honesty in their age.
    Hope you're having an outstanding day!!

  3. I'm amazed there's anything left to give you in purple! When will you have to diversify in to fuchsia?


  4. Happy birthday! I can see you had a wonderful day :)

  5. OMG! I just came back to say I'm sorry, I forgot to wish you happy birthday!!

    Happy Birthday! I hope your celebrations last for as long as the Queen's did this week.

  6. Still younger than me though! Happy birthday you dancing queen xxx

  7. Sweet boys, both. Savor them! I'm still reeling from how fast mine grew up! Oh, and Happy belated purple Birthday wishes to you!

  8. And happy belated birthday from me too.

    Isn't it funny how one's children are very different? Mine too.

  9. Gorgeous! I love the mind-boggling bit! And the purple strip of ribbon. What beautiful boys you have. Cherub and Abby are quite similar in regards to birthday planning. Her plans overwhelm me!


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