Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cereal Killer

On Monday morning Cherub showed me the empty 2litre plastic milk bottle and  informed me that there was no milk. I said yes there is, I bought some yesterday. He said no there isn't. So I said there's a blue cardboard carton in the fridge, look! here! And he was able to have his morning bowl of Nutrigrain after all.

On Tuesday morning, the colander was mysteriously in the kitchen sink with a few bits of Nutrigrain inside when I got home from the gym, but I didn't think anything of it until Cherub said Mum that new milk tastes bad and I said bring it here so I can smell it. So he brought over the blue cardboard carton with the 'bad' milk, and I looked at it and said sweetie, this isn't milk, it's cream. No wonder his Nutrigrain tasted bad. Amazingly he had eaten the whole bowl though.  As for the colander, apparently, the cream had made the Nutrigrain very sticky and normal rinsing under a tap hadn't been enough to remove the cereal from the cereal bowl. He still didn't realise he wasn't dealing with milk at that point though.


Oh Cherub. You're such a focussed and organised little individual, but your powers of observation are rubbish.

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  1. I'm dining out on this story. No pun intended and sorry Cherub but it's hilarious!


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