Thursday, January 29, 2015



Some kids look like themselves from the very beginning, and it's easy to spot the baby photo.  I'm not sure that's the case with the Climber, being as he was such a pudding for the first year (or so) of his life. I remember as a bubs that he was a very good sitter because of his solidness, that you could park him like a tripod with legs apart, and he would rarely topple onto the surrounding pillow barricade - in stark contrast to his little Mothers' Group friends Pea who couldn't sit unsupported to save herself (but who could roll from one end of the room to the other in the blink of an eye) or Squeaky who was a premature baby and spent a lot of our early Mothers' Group sessions catching up on her sleep.  Anyway. He hasn't been a pudding for years and years, and now he's more like a beanstalk with his long lanky limbs. His grandmother, Ma Fixit, was a little bit worried by his leanness, and offered to stand guard between me and Climber so he could raid the dessert table at family lunch and fatten up a bit.

Mothers Group turns 14

We had a Mothers' Group celebration at Astrid's house for our January babies, Climber, Pea and Squeaky.  They are such a lovely trio.  It was funny giving them their gifts, they were all very low key and just smiled in a pleased way at their treasures. But you could see they were happy.  They're just not the excitable members of the Mothers' Group.

Mothers Group turns 14

And then for Climber's actual birthday, he once more requested a family day, which this year involved pancakes for breakfast, the opening of the presents, a soccer clinic (only because it fell on his actual birthday, it wasn't a special treat, but it gave him the chance to try out his fancy new soccerboots), some birthday cake and then a meal out with the four of us at a restaurant, followed by artisan gelati at a posh gelateria.


So here he is, our firstborn, our beautiful golden boy. Lighting up our life and making us happy since we welcomed him to the world.  Funny, dreamy, kind, vague, sensitive, distractable, musical, athletic, clever, strong. Likes gymnastics, baking, soccer and computer stuff. Enjoys his friends' company but oddly insecure about his own popularity. And tall now. Much taller than me...


...and eyeing off his father. I like how in these two photos he looks a bit like both of us.


His favourite present this year came from Nell, who splashed out on a proper Socceroo shirt for him. She even brought it over in time for him to wear while watching the Socceroos qualify for the final of the Asian Cup. He was so delighted that he said No way! when he opened it. As Nell said, you know you've got them a winner when they say no way.

Socceroo shirt present from Nell


  1. Awww, you can def see him as a bubba, the eyes! Exactly the same! Scary when they get taller than you! He's gonna break some hearts...happy Birthday!

  2. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday! Wow taller than his mum!

  3. How lovely. He's growing up fast. Tie him down!

  4. Who is that tall lanky noodle! Nothing and everything like the little pudding. Beautiful post, you are giving me hope for the teenage years! xxx

  5. I've always thought that he was the perfect blend of you and Fixit. It's like your two faces were merged and the result was Climber! :) Happy birthday to him, he has grown so tall and handsome, I wish him every happiness for his teen years. X

  6. He's so grown up! Terrifying! I do love how when he stands next to you he looks SO MUCH like you, and next to Fixit he looks SO MUCH like Fixit. Very charming.


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