Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Over the Fence

We have new neighbours! With matching kids! And the parents seem really nice! Next-door-Boy is 4 months younger than the Climber (instant best friends), Next-door-Girl is 6 months older than the Cherub, and they have a bonus baby (but we won't try and match her)! They moved in last weekend and already Climber and Next-door-Boy are obsessed with each other - we've been playing kid-swapsies ever since we introduced ourselves. It's great. All the kids seem to be talented climbers so we're seeing a lot of this:

Next-door-baby is being held aloft by her mother I must add. She is a good climber, I've seen her get onto our kitchen table in under a minute, but she's not THAT good.

I've just been sent a couple of photos from the tap-dancing gig we did pre-Christmas, so I'm sharing. The theme was "The Twelve Days of Christmas" where different local dance groups represented each of the days, in front of a big choir and a brass band. So there was the all-boy Greek dancing troupe appearing as the Lords-a-Leaping, a ballet school as the Seven Swans and you see us here as the Five Gold Rings. We got a fantastic reception, including one enthusiast yelling out as we danced "you guys are GOOD!!" and spontaneous applause at the end of our bit (none of the other groups received that much acclaim. Allright yes, I'm skiting a bit but it's nice to be appreciated...)

In other big news, I went out last night!! AT NIGHT!! For a meal and a drink with a girlfriend. It's medicinal, I had to do it to combat my ever-growing cabin fever caused by school holiday over-exposure to my beloved children. Thank goodness creche opened again this week. I love you Cherub but I am enjoying the peace..
AND I have another girls' night out on Thursday ... ;-)

After that, we're going to the BEACH!! Just for the weekend. We're all a bit excited. My aunt and uncle have a nice big holiday house and they are very generous with their invitations. Unlike Fixit's place of employment where he had to scrounge to get one measly day off. He's a motorbike mechanic see, and it's all hands on deck during summer because every motorcyclist in Melbourne needs their bike fixed pronto.

So apart from it being disgustingly hot today and tomorrow, life is good.


  1. My daughter was a punk girl in her tap concert this year. She wore hot pink fishnet tights - fabulous look (only $4.95 in the costume dept of spotlight) - and tapped to a rogue traders song. You look every bit like five golden rings with shiny tap shoes in your photo! Enjoy your flurry of social activity, just pace yourself, it's a long year.

  2. Stomper! You bitch fiend from Hell! You have such GREAT LEGS!

  3. Thanks?

    I'd like to thank nature but really it's due to tapping.

  4. Sexy legs.

    I'm more like your friend on the left who doesn't show her knees.
    Perhaps I should start tappin' ?

    So where are you going Thursday ?
    I'm intrigued.

  5. So you should be. It's very intriguing...

  6. Look at those legs! Just wear shorts tomorrow baby, and noone will be looking at anything else ;-)
    And that photo of the neighbour's kids and yours, gold. You're very lucky.

  7. Give me back my legs you thief! And take these dimply fat ones back, I don't want them.

    Enjoy Thursday! Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

  8. Sigh. I must get back to tap dancing! You look like you're having so much fun.

    Speaking of fun, don't those kids look like they're having a blast? That's what I want for my son - to have children his age to play with. Maybe if they're lucky, they'll have each other as friends for life.

  9. I would kill for nice neighbors with matching children! You are so lucky!

    And hear hear for the re-opening of the playgroups, creches and nurseries! Holidays can be tough; no respite for the SAHParents!

  10. Lovely legs!! You look great SG, & enjoy your life while it is fun.
    Good luck too, for the beach. That will be perfect.

    And yes, Shula has it right!

  11. Went out? Girl's night? BEACH?

    Sometimes I think leggy tap dancers live only for hedonism's sake.


  12. Yes, that's right, we do. Can someone bring me a gin & tonic?

  13. MF took the words right out of my mouth---you do look like you're having soooo much fun! i had wondered about your show and how it went....

  14. See? Now everyone wants a pair. Can I just say I got my request in first!

    We have neighbours with similar aged kids (but of the boy variety - early match ups you think?). They play at each other's houses etc. It is very nice.

    And I hear ya on the school holiday thing; my second oldest is going to her grandmother's in a week and a bit, for a week. Should take some of the load off just before school starts :-)

  15. It must be nie to be able to stomp at Christmas without wiping out on ice and falling into a snowbank! Nice Blog by the way. :-)

  16. Way to go on getting out! That's a toughie sometimes but yes, so worth it. Your new neighbors must be chuffed to have found friendly family complete with "matching kids" upon move in. Gotta love the kid swapsies.

  17. Bitch fiend from hell!


    Totally jealous about last night, too. :)

  18. And people say a nap or a massage will make you feel good. Wrong - a great night out with the girls makes all the difference!! Enjoy the beach!

  19. jealous: of the neighbours, of the night out, of the LEGS!!

  20. ooooh, I want good neighbours too!!! They are priceless, especially when they bring with them ideal play companions for your children.

    Looks like some wonderful dancing and sounds like some fab socialising. Keep up the good work :)


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