Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A birthday party and then back to school.

The No-Fuss Birthday Party went quite well, actually. Parties can get a bit more full-on once you hit Primary School. We've attended many fun parties with magicians or at Bowling Alleys or Play Centres and I had to resist the compulsion to keep up with the Jones' in this respect. So I baked myself into a stupor on the Saturday, then on Sunday morning we packed the car, staked out a spot at a local park with toilets, play equipment and room to run around, and let the kids play while the adults sat around with food and drink. Easy.

I think a fine time was had by all. The chocolate cake was decorated within an inch of its life and I have to take everyone's word for it that it was delicious because after my baking frenzy I really did not feel like eating anything sugary. I planned to taste some of the left-over at a later stage but somebody stood on it as it laid concealed under the picnic rug away from the feathered scavengers.

These are the boys' Birthday Party outfits. Some heavily discounted local designer threads for the 6-year-old, courtesy of the last day of the Myer SALE. (It was a bit of a happy accident that I was at Myer that exact day to take advantage of the 40% off all kids' clothes. I'd left present-shopping till the LAST minute, and this was n.e.a.r.l.y disastrous because the Lego shelves were practically bare this year. Must have been the toy of choice over Christmas. I did in the end manage to get him General Grievous' ship, which was a roaring success).

And the Cherub, in the aged and skanky Buzz Lightyear outfit from the dress-up box.

Cherub has recently decided to be Buzz, which is very amusing. He keeps hitting imaginary buttons on his belt or shoulder or chest and then spreading his arms to fly off. He likes to do the voice too.

Back to school today. More importantly, my first child-free day in 6 weeks. No-one interrupting me, or demanding food or drink, no place I have to be and only myself to chivvy into the car if I decide I want to go someplace. Peace and quiet. I hope I remember to pick the Climber up at 3.30.

So he's a big Grade One boy now. I'm only feeling slightly sooky this morning. I would have liked to have seen his new classroom and maybe exchanged greetings with his new teacher. Instead, I had to help the Climber navigate his way through the kerfuffle of 70-odd confused ex-preppies trying to sort themselves into their new assembly Grade One positions, and then hurriedly smooch his cheek as they followed their (new to the school and therefore not quite on top of everything yet) teacher into Room 1K. So at least I do know which door to wait outside for afternoon pick-up, providing I don't fall asleep this afternoon and miss it all together.

Here you see the respective activities that MUST be completed by the boys when in the school grounds.

Right. Off to put my feet up for a while. Despite promptings from Fixit, I don't want to waste my first day off with boring housework. There's always tomorrow!


  1. Hope it all went well at school.
    Party looked a success!

  2. Kind of bittersweet, all that time to yourself,for two or three days at least!I'm sure you'll adjust well. Enjoy. And here's to a great year at school for your boys...

  3. Why, Stomper, you really ARE a Domestic Treasure.

    She who prepares the birthday feast may reasonably consider herself a Fine Cook.

    Birthday Parties. God, the very idea makes me shudder.

  4. *affects Southern belle accent* Why, thank you!

    I like to bake. But I would be shuddering at having a bunch of discerning adults arrive at my house for a meal involving anything fancier than a roast!

    This party was the way to go, by the way. The day itself was so easy! I just drank wine and chatted to my grown-up friends. Oh and led the singing of Happy Birthday, obviously.

  5. The party looks great, and definitely avoid the housework on the first free day - one would have to question one's sanity to start with cleaning right away!

  6. There IS always tomorrow.

    Low key birthday parties are by far the best :)

  7. ..and tomorrow and the day after that and three days away..etc etc

    Party looked great and the cake fabulous. Enjoy your days without children - no-one demanding anything for a few hours is bliss!

  8. Shelly! Have you met me? That is scarily true about the day after etc etc.

  9. Way to go you! Party looked relaxed (on the day!) but eventful none the less.

    The darling IS Cinderella. It was very funny hearing her say it for the first time. It was like she knew, I knew, she wasn't; but that we were all to play along!

    A whole six hours of no-one asking for food - except yourself. Sheer bliss. I had to have a wee nap the other afternoon - which is VERY out of character for me as I wake incredibly grumpy.

    Have a looooong break; six weeks, you've got a lot to make up for :-)

  10. Now that's my kind of birthday party! Outdoors, sociable, easygoing, playground in the background... ;-)

    I love the pictures. Climber looks like he's a great big brother! I seriously hope I have one of those in MF...

  11. Ewe: Climber is a really good big brother. And Cherub adores him.

  12. OoOohhh - nice park, nice party.

    We have a fab park here too, but I think I will do the party this year at home. Really, ask LC how fast my son can skip town and be on the next bus .. he's fast, and adventurous. I like to keep him locked up in the yard ...


  13. Precisely my idea of a party. Although, I think it's the age as well. When the Girl had her 6 yo party at home, my husband, sister and I drank champagne, ate sushi and sat back letting the kids entertain themselves, apart from pass-the-parcel. Easy peasy.


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