Friday, March 02, 2007

Retail therapy for the financially-challenged.

New jeans! Ten dollars. Yep, you heard right. Ten dollars. I have this friend Elda who is a shopping queen and her motto is that no-one should ever pay retail. "Elda," you can say on any given day, "I need new jeans/lipstick/cashmere sweaters" and as if by magic she will find you a 2 day only warehouse sale where the items you need are being thrown out the door. When she has finished up with her real job of making sure the under-privileged are not swept under the carpet, she is going to be the presenter of her own smash TV show where she will swoop down on unsuspecting mothers of young children, whose clothes no longer fit (and never will again, doesn't matter how long we keep 'em in the wardrobe!!) and whose budgets are tiny, and she will have 24 hours to kit them out with clothes, fragrance, make-up and accessories for an outrageously small amount of money. She'll be bigger than Super-Nanny.

In the meantime.

Ten. Dollar. Jeans.

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  1. Nice pick up at such a good price. I need a friend like yours. My philosphy is to only go shopping twice a year, get what you need and get out. I just pay what it says because I cannot be bothered to spend more time in a crush than is absolutely necessary. I often think that I could save money, but my time is more important to me.

    Are you still managing to avoid the upgrade???? It looks like it.

  2. Congrats on the jeans.

    I have fun shopping and don't mind retail (I expect that to change when/if I have kids), but that's largely because I have no skills in the bargain/sample sale/op shop area when it comes to clothes. I do, however, have a friend who is great at all of that and picks up interesting cheap stuff all the time. Her husband is now firmly of the belief that anything over $2 is too much to pay for a t-shirt. These are great friends to have.

  3. Nice score!!! We all need an Elda in our lives!!!!!

  4. Hey. Great pick up. Does the little (x 2) at the end mean you got two pairs - or two for the price of one? Either way - what a bargain for a great pair of jeans.

    And Friday must be shopping day as I've just posted about my splash and dash purchase this afternoon, over my way!

  5. Great looking jeans. I need a new pair as my favourites have a hole in the knee, sigh. I hate jeans shopping, I'm too short to be able to wear most styles well and they always have to be taken up. Bet you look fab in yours :-)

  6. Great deal! I could certainly use an Elda myself :)

  7. That is a spectacular grace to have.


    P.S. I'm allergic to retail, myself.

  8. I love a bargain too! And am getting pretty good at sniffing them out. If I skimp on shoes, I can't walk, so I make it up by saving on the other stuff...nice jeans!

  9. Ooh. I love finding brilliant bargains, too!

  10. Great buy!
    We all need an Elda in our lives.

  11. Plus: those jeans look NICE.
    I think I do ok with $30 ones from Targét ... but TEN DOLLAR jeans ?!

    You win.


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