Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Tap-pet-ty Weekend.

Lots of pictures today...
... of some very cool tappers.

My little Tap-pets excelled themselves this weekend with 2, count 'em, TWO, public performances.

A School Fete...
... and a Toy Library Fair.

Things I love this weekend. In no particular order.

The kids. So beautiful.

My Father's car. It's a stationwagon. So we were able to transport my tap-boards around. Ummm. That sounds mean. I love my father too! He came and helped me on Sunday while my usual right-hand-persons abandoned me. (Heartlessly.) Fixit went off to marvel at the Air Show and Nell went interstate to her niece's first birthday. So Dad lent me the car all weekend, turned up to see the Toy Library Show and then walked us around spoiling the grandchildren at the toy stalls.

My handy-dandy tap boards. We can perform anywhere, anytime.

The parents of the little Tap-pets. Who lugged boards, took photos, worked cds, helped my kids with their shoes when I was running round like a blue-arsed fly, handed out flyers. And were just generally enormously nice.

Highlights from the two days...

Two of my students, sisters who have tapped with me since day one, are both very shy. This weekend, for the first time, they got up and did BOTH shows. Their mother had tears in her eyes.

The power went off at the fete show, mid-routine (very wet and rainy in Melbourne yesterday but no rain when it came to our parades thankfully). So I had to think quick! I pulled Climber up to me and said Can you show me a tap-step that you made up? Straightaway, he rose to the challenge (we do this a lot in class). His confidence meant the other kids all followed suit eagerly and we were able to fill till the music came on.

Climber. Part Spiderman, part pirate, part Harry Potter.

Cherub. All cherub.


  1. Aww - so cute !

    Is it wrong that the image of the firetruck in the background kept simultaneously exciting and distracting me ?

    I've heard a rumour I might get to ride around in one come June. For a kid's party, but parents have to ride too. For safety reasons. Coz like i'd *want* to do that.
    You watch me push those kiddies outta the way ...

    Glad you updated. I'm wild-eyed and would look good with a nervous tic. Lucky I don't do drugs.

    And of course, there's dinner-making being avoided. Bleah !


  2. You should have seen the cute firemen! Both my boys loved having a sit in the firetruck. Cherub wore the helmet for as long as he possibly could!

    I'm having dishes-avoidance personally.

  3. This is so great... I wish my boy would dance!

    H&B - you should have been in adelaide this last couple of weeks - we've been hosting the police and fire world games... there are gorgeous firemen from all over the world!!!

  4. Beautiful. You look like you love tapping with the tap-pets. I hope that you got lots of sign-ons!

  5. Lovely post SG! Those kids all look so happy.

  6. What great pictures, and beautiful children, and helpful dads, and nice parents, and good equipment!

  7. Those kids look so cute and they must have been thrilled to be performing live!! I want my own set of tapboards for all of those impromptu tap dances I have inside of me ;)

  8. Your boys are extra gorgeous in the Tap Pets T-shirts. Too cute!

    By the way, is that a Thomas the Tank Engine groovy fabric satchel over the Cherub's shoulder? The Darling would kill (I kid you not!) for one of those :-)


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