Monday, April 09, 2007

The Beach & the Blog Thieves

I'm back! Hope everyone had a fab Easter and that you all have really sensible exercise plans to deal with any over-indulgences that may have occurred this weekend.

We had a really relaxing time at the beach, unsullied by the complaint of our last visit, although Fixit had a terrible tummy upset on Easter Sunday which I blame on having too much of my cousin's hand-pressed grape juice (no-one else got sick - I just think his digestion couldn't cope with all that fibre-laden acid-y goodness)

Cherub in a borrowed white hat, looking proper old-fashioned.

Here are my boys enjoying the beach :

Cherub sitting in a hole.

And here is me enjoying myself at the beach :

I am loving Cloud Atlas by the way, so thankyou to all the bloggers who recommended it. As soon as I finish it (I know! 3 days down the beach and still not finished, but parenthood has wrecked my reading mojo I tells ya) I will be heading to the library for this man's first two novels.

Anyway, apparently while I was away Blogger did a partial upgrade on me. So behold me, joining the ranks of New Blogger. Some of you chose to go, some of you were forced to go. I left a little note on my blog saying I'd be off to the beach for the weekend and Blogger burgled my blog while I was away.

Oh and PS. Congratulations Aunty Cookie and family on the arrival of Sadie.


  1. Blogger is getting sneaky! I'm glad you still look the same at least :)

  2. Yes I was forced to move to beta as well some time back. I haven't bothered with the labels yet though.

    Looks like you had a great time at the beach :)

  3. Love that borrowed hat on your Cherub, set off nicely by the nineteen twenties swim togs!

  4. Looks like you enjoyed the beach visit. Glad the weather behaved for you! We had rain all weekend, & of course, now it is Tuesday- back to glorious Resort weather!

  5. I don't use my labels either, just because I didn't decide to have them, blogger decided for me. That'll teach blogger!

    Glad that you had a relaxing weekend - too windy here to go anywhere near the water.

    I always love to hear about a new baby too.

  6. I wondered why you republished your entire blog over the weekend. I should have known it was blogger doing it for you...

    ...wouldn't happen on wordpress...

    ...i'm just saying, is all...

    ..don't understand it...

  7. Looks glorious.

    I tried the labels for like 2 days, before I realised everything was 'house', 'garden', 'kid' etc.

    But I quite like those that use labels like the one you've used now - just throw-away lines, and not categories, per se.

    And the Aunty Cookie news is all good, oh yes ;)

  8. Brand new series of New Tricks started last night on the Beeb. Shall i tell you what happened?

  9. Looks like a great weekend - and the weather couldn't have been better really, could it? Well, not better for the beach anyway, some rain would probably be better on other levels.

  10. I don't know any better when it comes to Blogger, as I didn't get a choice when I started - it was already moving out of Beta at that stage. But I'd hate the idea of being BURGLED by rude!

    What great beach weather it was over Easter.

  11. Glad you had a great time at the beach.

    I suppose the advantage to being burgled by Blogger is that they did all the head-banging on table work for you. ;-)

  12. Ah, your label cracked me up.

    Now, back to your post. How wonderful does that beach look? And how come you guys scored all the good weather over Easter. It was raining loads of pets up here. Weather-thieves!

  13. Looks like everyone was having a great time. I love going to the Beach!

  14. david mitchell, the author of that book, is my favourite author ever. when he came to my city for a literary event, i went to one of his sessions, then followed him after he left... i followed him all the way to the cafe where he had lunch... then asked if i could join him. he said yes. I HAD LUNCH WITH THE MAN THAT WROTE THAT BOOK! had to share. just had to.

  15. Glad you had a great time at the beach! Blogger was doing silly things to me too - like making me feel so stupid for forgetting my password!!

  16. Welcome to the new blogger. I find it much like the old as I ignore the things I don't recognize. I'm also enjoying your creative labels. The beach looks wonderful, sigh.


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