Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tuesday's Child

This is a bit of a housekeeping post. But not actually to do with real housekeeping which is being studiously neglected as I blog.

Firstly, the Easter competition. The person who won the prize for the lowest score was Joanne (0 points) and up until last night, the highest scorer was Shula (11 points). So there I was last night knocking up the prizes for these two deserving winners, when suddenly Shula got pipped at the post by a surprise late entry, Sooziii, (12 points.) Anyway, seeing as I'd already done the prize for Shula, I decided to award both high scorers a prize! So if the 3 winners could please email me their postal addresses, a little hand-made prize will wing its way to them.

Secondly, it appears we have a new author in the family, aka the Climber. Whilst we were at the beach, he started pencilling his first book, which I'll have you know is a chapter book. With punctuation and everything. I'm so proud. It's called "The Red F".

Thirdly, a parcel arrived in my mailbox yesterday addressed to the most Esteemed Lady of the Stomp (that's me) and inside was a gift from the lovely H&B. And without wanting to get anyone at trouble, I refer you to this post and quote you this poem.

Monday's child poem

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturdays child works hard for his living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Because thanks to H&B, I am now a Tuesday's Child. And oddly enough, I am anyway. The website I visited explains it thus:
You have many talents, and are fun to be around.
You dance through life!
Which sounds about right for me. Although, I should point out that I ran the rest of the family through the date calculator and Fixit is also full of Grace, whilst both my sons are full of Woe. But apparently the explanation for that is that :
You are a serious person, and try to change things that seem unfair.
You make the world a better place!
... which is true of Climber so far, but we need to wait until Cherub stops being three before we find out if it is also true of him. And you know, Fixit did quite well when I dragged him to a Beginners' Learn to Latin-Dance night the other week. He was merengue-ing with the best of them by the end.

Go to this site if you would like to find out your day.


  1. Monday's child ovah heah. Read 'em and weep.


  2. ....Sunday here.... Very fitting that you danced into the world on a Tuesday!

  3. I always suspected I was born on a Thursday....

  4. The "Red F" has me hanging out for the next chapter already. What WILL happen NEXT ?!

    I'm the Sabbath. Gay and stuff.


  5. thursday's child here - never been sure if it meant geographically (cos so far all I've managed is to move a maximum of 300 miles from the childhood home, which is probably peanuts on an Oz scale, and I've moved halfway back anyway) or metaphorically (in which case how do you measure it?)

    Re: Doctor Who - yes, we've now had two episodes of Series 3 and there is life after Rose! It's still fab!

  6. P.S. Love the end of chapter 1 -
    "It was big. Very big."

    I try SOOOO hard for the children in my class to have that sense of tension! Bravo!

  7. Fantastic story! I want more, more I tell ya! MORE!

    Oh, and Thursday's Child here, apparently I am going to go far, god I am exhausted, can't I just stay home?

    Hey, even my word verification is telling me to get going!


  8. Monday for me. Thursday sounds much more exciting though...maybe I should have hung in the extra three days.

    Climber's story is terrific - he shows great budding talent. And it always amuses me that so many kids' stories involve finding lots of money unexpectedly!

  9. I'm a Saturday child...a hardworker? yes..if you consider sitting on my butt eating chocolate and reading Terry Pratchett novels hard work!

  10. I was born on a Sunday, but I didn't need the calculator to find out. My mum recited this poem to me regularly and told me how special I was to be born on a Sunday.

    I love that your son is an author. You should be so proud because he has lovely grammatical structures!

  11. MONDAY:
    Monday's child is fair of face.
    You are good-looking, especially when you smile!
    You are beautiful inside and out.

    Love Climber's story :)

  12. Friday's child. My eldest son is a Friday also, & my other 2 are both Tuesdays.
    Congratulations on your 100th -even if you missed it.

  13. What a great story and what a clever boy!

  14. Well done Climber...great 1st chapters...keep us posted on any future installments ...and is he going to illustrate it?Maybe cherub could assist... Have lurked for a while via Shula the way I'm a monday child..

  15. Just catching up with my favourite blogs after rather busy time domestically. Lots of lovely stuff and great pictures. And you don't look at all like Yootha Joyce!! (The British chap was Noel Edmonds - not that I saw the programme, but I've heard about his theories) and I have to say that it seems to have worked for him... Maybe we should try that letter.)

  16. Monday here -- though I've often wondered if that's off since Mom was induced? Some day's I don't feel all that fair of face. And I loved Climber's book, waiting further installments.

  17. Great story from the Climber. Very soon he'll be demanding his own blog.

    Thursday's child, yahoo. Oh wait, that means I have to actually DO something!


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