Saturday, April 28, 2007

Things that made me smile today.

  • The Cherub swapping his feet round like this at tap and telling me that his other foot was now his left foot.

(This is a re-creation featuring the Buzz Lightyear dress-up
and not featuring his tap shoes.)

  • The Climber practising his joke-telling skills in the back of the car:
Knock Knock Who's There ? Cow. Cow who? No, Cow moo!
Why did the Dinosaur cross the road? He didn't, roads weren't invented when dinosaurs were alive

etc .

Because this inspired the Cherub to tell his own made-up joke:

"Why did the sheep cross the road? - Baaaaa."

I think he's a surrealist.

  • Hearing that I am going to get to see a Comedy Festival Show after all - my friend Astrid has scored us freebies to see the delicious Adam Hills on Sunday night! Which is the last night of the Fest, so you can see why I thought I wasn't going to end up seeing anything this year (most unusual for me) and am now happy to get a reprieve....
*Sings: Let's get all dressed up and go and out and perve on Adam Hills and have a laugh and a drink - Yay!*

  • Nell suddenly getting worried that the rash of hippies and greenies cleaning their houses with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda might cause a vinegar shortage.

This is Nell & Cherub with her New Toy, the Badge-Maker. You remember how I offered prizes for this post? Guess what the prizes were.

There was another envelope for Soozii but the pic is on Nell's camera not mine. Also, H&B was not a prize-winner as such, hers were just a thankyou because she'd sent me a little prez.

Edited to say: New Tricks was a bloody repeat! So we missed Rockwiz for nothing. Bah.


  1. You really aced it when you gave that little guy his blogname! Little kids jokes crack me up....

  2. Gosh, I haven't had time to read blogs much recently, but am enjoying your recent output. My nephew had a similar thing about jokes many, many years ago, eg: Why did the cat cross the road? Because his mummy was on the other side. Possible, but not really... funny.

  3. The SWINES! I have just read your edit. We taped it, & were looking forward to it's return. GAH. Love New Tricks...but not reruns.

    Ahem, back to reality. Love that shot of Cherub. And the jokes, made me burst out laughing.

  4. Does Sunday mean THIS Sunday? If so, hope you have a great night out. I had one last night and really, really, REALLY needed it. Got to recharge those "patience and understanding" batteries ;-)

  5. Holy hell I got a shock !
    I thought 'uh oh, she's messed up', but no .. wheee !

    I wonder who i'm getting - John Taylor from Duran Duran ? ( I tried to enlarge, but couldn't make it out - it could also be Belinda Carlisle according to mine old eyes ... )

    And those jim-jams you admired on the 3yr old ?
    Buzz Lightyear ;)

    Fun fun dressing up and pervings - one of my fave pastimes !

  6. Ooops - have just read your comment on my things-that-have-become-clearer-to-me blog and I hope you realise that when I said that small children don't need ballet lessons - I didn't include tap lessons! In fact, I just meant that one shouldn't feel one has to kill oneself dashing from place to place with tinies in order to fill every hour with cultural experiences. A sprinkling of these are fine. I'm sure your tap lessons are great!

  7. You sure have lots to smile at...yay!

    Hope you had lots of laughs at the Comedy Festival too.

  8. mmmm Adam Hills - he was in the same cafe as me just before Chrissy and he was just as super nice spunky and funny as he is on the telly - ooohh shucks!Enjoy .
    Ps Love the badgemaker

  9. Cherub's face in the 2nd shot is PRICELESS. (He looks like how I feel 90% of the time.)


  10. They did the same thing to us over here with New Tricks, maybe they are just going to show the whole of the last series before starting the new one...which is on tonight hurrah!

  11. I so love that Buzz outfit!
    Your boys are gorgeous, they are goinna break some hearts...

  12. Cherub is so gorgeous, I just want to eat those cheeks!


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