Friday, December 07, 2007

The pits.

As we were driving to school this morning, the boys played with 2 empty tic-tac boxes.

They've actually had hours of fun playing with them, they're quite the car-entertainment toy. No need for portable dvd players in this family! Anyway, today's game was all about squirting. For example, Cherub used his tictac-pretend-squirter to *clean* the window; as you can imagine it is now totally smeary from his efforts. I wasn't really paying attention to all the psss psss noises coming from the back until I heard Climber say I'm pretending I'm a teenager and I'm quite big and starting to be smelly, so I have to squirt my armpits. Psss psss. Psss psss.
Which naturally got him to thinking about armpits, and the tictac box was dumped as his hand cupped the 'pit area so he could crack out a few armpit farts. Can your Dad do armpit farts? he asked me as he pumped away. I said we'd have to ask him next time we saw him. The entire male population of Grade One at his school is obsessed with doing armpit farts. Samuel can do knee farts and Andrew can do them with his neck. Oh and Samuel's Dad invented them, did you know? The funniest sight at school swimming this year was watching the 30-odd kids while they were lined up waiting for class to start - all the small fellows were pumping their little chicken wing arms furiously.

While we're talking about the pits, the rent did go up. The agent said $15 a week, so more for form's sake then because I thought it would do any actual good I said Fifteen??? and he got all nervous and said Is that a problem? and I said Last time it was ten and he said Okay I can make it ten, is that alright? Now I wish I'd gone in harder, but I was so resigned to it going up that I just said fine.


  1. Ooo how maddening about the rent!

    It is amazing just what a wide variety of noises one little body can make!
    This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

  2. Maybe you should have given the agent an armpit fart for good measure. "This is what I think about your $15..."

  3. Totally excellent, both the post and the look of sheer deviltry in your son's eyes as he squeezes out a ripe one.

  4. That sucks about the least you got him down a little bit!

    Your children are lovely -- and such boys! I recognize everything you said here. The playing with non-toys (my boys love all empty boxes...big or small) and definitely the farts. Real and created.

    There are times I feel sadly outnumbered in this house of testosterone... ;(

    Gorgeous pix, as usual!


  5. I am just going to whisper here because my boys are right beside me and DO NOT SEEM TO HAVE DISCOVERED ARMPIT FARTS ( I am whispering loudly!)

    Isn't that a fantastic kind of miracle?

    So pissed off for you re the rent increase.

  6. We have that SAME empty Tic-Tac box in our car too.

    Orange flavour rocks.

    I'll take an armpit fart over that teen boy smell anyday....

  7. Don't you just love little boys - armpit farting, nose picking, bum scratching little angels.

    Don't you just hate real estate agents putting up the rents - armpit farting, nose picking, bum scratching little meanies.

  8. I wonder if Samuel's Dad knows the cred he has in the playground.

    Clever and appropriate punning.

  9. Must remember the tick taks!! Thanks for that!!

  10. Snort! The arm-pit fart!! Boys are so easy to please, aren't they?

    You should have asked him (rental agent) to do an armpit fart for you too.

  11. It must be a grade one boy thing. My very own grade one boy gives his next year to be prep brother arm fart lessons in the bath every evening. They are obsessed.
    As for orange tic tacs - I love them and must have the large box in my bag at all times. Must.
    And I do not share. Ever.

  12. Good for you, getting a reduction on the rent rise!
    Love those photos of the boys.

  13. Mary! Show your boys an armpit fart right now! DO not deprive them of one of the highlights of a male childhood.

    Having said that we have raised a dud. A boy who is incapable of getting a single farty sound from his armpit, not even a hiss...

  14. Armpit farts!... Now THERE'S a memory for me... That was a long time ago but I don't thinks time fades the memory on that one... Must be a genetic thing with school boys! :-)

  15. Oooh man you know the guy who invented arm farts!! WOW! If he's on facebook can you introduce him to me??
    Can ya
    Can Ya?

  16. Never mind the armpit farts.

    I'm too busy being pissed off about the rent.

  17. I actually think the rent thing is ok. You saved 50% of the increase. Must be good or at least not too bad. No?

  18. Am living in denial here - I reckon our landlord is about to realise he can put the rent up too ... sigh

  19. Which just goes to show---boys are the same the world over!

  20. I can't do an armpit fart. Yep, I have tried. Must definitely be a boy thing.

    Bummer about the rent increase. He must be very young to have caved in like that!

  21. My eldest's class is obsessed with armpit farts. And they're Year 7.

    Sigh ...

  22. My boys are not, somehow, fascinated with axillary flatulence. The oldest is, however, fascinated by making flatulent noises by any other artificial means necessary...perhaps he considers the armpit variety a bit too "done"?

    NTS is a shade too fascinated with causing general mayhem to worry about making sounds.



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