Monday, May 11, 2009


I don't remember owning a Knitting Nancy when I was a child, so when I saw them for sale at a local toy shop - for less then $10 - I decided I wanted, no, needed to own one as a grown-up. My first attempt just wouldn't come through the middle of her, however many times I wound the wool around the loops and in and out. Then I took it to Family Lunch with the Fixits and Ma Fixit showed me where I'd gone wrong; you need to pull the wool all the way through before the loopy stuff begins up top, otherwise, as happened to me, you can't pull the knitted bit down and you get a nasty snarl-up in poor old Nancy's innards.

I found knitting with Nancy quite relaxing and easy to do, but after a while there was this very long string of french knitting hanging down and I had no idea what to do with it. A friend suggested woollen coasters as per School Knitting Grade 6 (round and round the garden, like a teddy bear), but in the meantime I discovered how to do proper knitting and poor Nancy and her long strand of variegated blue lay abandoned, probably forlornly.

Knitting Nancy_8244

And then I needed to make a mattress and quilt for a little Kewpie-Baby in a Box as part of a present for my niece's 4th birthday.

Baby Kewpie_8245

I'm hoping no-one inspects the quality of the sewing too closely, obviously. First attempt and all. But a miniature baby, in a pretty floral box, with french-knitted bedding will be a nice present for a 4-year-old methinks, and could probably be a good-seller at a school fete craft stall. I may have to patent it.


  1. Cool! I definitely had a knitting nancy growing up, but can't for the life of me recall what I did with what she produced...

    Perfect 4 year-old present.

  2. I rest my case :

    This is a craft blog

    (with a bit of tap dancing for good measure.)

  3. SO cute! I can hear the girlie squeals of delight from here.

  4. Stomper.

    That is Very Impressive.

  5. Fascinating. Never heard of a knitting Nancy before! I too can practically hear the happy when that little present is opened. Lovely.

  6. Very nice kewpie bedding! I had a lovely knitting nancy as a child but I often make them out of a toilet roll and some taped on paddlepop sticks or nails for the kids. They do just as well!

  7. I love your knitting nancy! I have an (ugly) red plastic one without the charming face...may have to start scouting on Ebay methinks....

  8. My daughter had something similar to your knitting Nancy- the most memorable thing she made with it, was a tail cosy for her brother's huge Pink Panther! We still have the panther but his tail cosy seems to be missing!

  9. Adorable! gotta love a Kewpie doll.

    Too sweet!

  10. Laughing at Jodie's comment.

    Perfect gift for a four year old girl.

  11. I love the kewpie too. If I had a craft stall, I would steal that idea.

  12. See? You will LOVE craft weekend.

  13. You found your inner crafter! It's all down hill from here. You'll need pink wool and purple, soft wool and spiky, bubbly wool and smooth. You'll need it all.

    I couldn't feel more proud of you, even if were you my own child.

  14. I am making my caps and scarves on a 'big girls' version of a Knitting Nancy - have been putting a few people onto them - very easy, economical, and readily available from Spotlight.

    I Knitting-Nancy while watching tele.
    If you want more info, email.


  15. I am soo impressed with your foray in to the world of craft... perhaps you'll be submitting them to the next Sisters Market??? :)


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