Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wouldn't It be Luverly.

Dear Stomper Girl,

We are writing to inform you that you have just won an unfeasibly large sum of money. It will now be possible to hire a cleaning lady to take care of the awful mess in your house. Actually you can give up the crappy rental that you and Mister Fixit have never really liked and go buy your own house now, with proper bench space for cooking, and actual storage. Not to mention the full-length bath you've been dreaming of so long. You can, if you wish, buy a bigger car for family outings although you won't need to use it much seeing as you'll be living in a different suburb where you can walk everywhere. But Fixit will like it seeing as he won't have to work at the stress job and maybe then he will cheer up, and you can go, in comfort, on nice family outings to the beach or the snow or Daylesford. You can also afford a nice DSLR camera for taking stunning photographs of your beloved children and maybe a laptop so you can blog in bed (providing Fixit doesn't get too grumpy ...) and check the latest scrabble moves without being chained to the untidy and poky, not to mention cold, back room. You can probably afford to set up your own premises for tap classes as you'd want to keep up your dancing and all your nice students; that way you won't have to sweep up after the elderly Greek citizens every Monday and could leave all your equipment there instead of lugging it round in the back of the Corolla.

Your Daydream.


  1. Yay, I'm the first!
    Now I can't think of any dreams as it is lunchtime and all I can think about is chicken soup. I will have to get back to you. Daylesford sounds good though...

  2. Hey Stomper, I'm with you about the new suburb and the cheery husband.. but my Perfect Daydream would take me to a sprawling beach-front house, possible nesting in a hollow of a cliff, with a private beach, accessible only to me. And a bedroom looking out into the ocean at night, so I could watch the spray as it crashes against the shore and the moon in the sky, not obscured by any light poles / neighbours, etc. I can smell the salt... and the photos you take of your beautiful boys are gorgeous too.

  3. Ahhh yessss...

    just checked my tattslotto ticket an hour ago.


  4. Oh, goodness. Yes. May you have all of those things. I don't think it's an unrealistic list.

  5. Dreams make the world go 'round. :)

  6. Did you mention a trip to NQ in that daydream? My daydreamy maid, chef and personal assistant would be pleased to greet you!

  7. now I have had time to think, here's my list.
    A few strong men and a few grand to fix up the garden,
    more control over chocolate,
    an extra day in the week just for me,
    jewellery and clothes galore,
    only two days over 30 degrees allowed per summer,
    oh and of course, world peace.

  8. Sounds fab. I have these daydreams all the time. My fantasies include a flat in London for us to jet off to when we get the urge and a large heated indoor pool pavillion for me to exercise in and ease the pelvis pain. It would be loverly, you're right.

  9. I would have to go the beach dream, and the laptop, & the happy husband & kids & always enough money, so we could get by comfortably & not have to miss out on takeaways whenever I didn't feel like cooking! A car would be good - not new, just newer & reliable & big enough to take all the surf boards to & from the beach house, along with a few extra visiting kids, so mine will stop fighting with each other! And unlimited trips to & from Ireland to visit my sister whenever i missed her ..well, at least twice a year! Hmmmmm - to dream! Siobhan.

  10. Everything you said, plus a personal trainer so I can work off the pounds I gain. Do you know how much chocolate chip mint ice cream I could buy with that kind of dough? And if Hugh Jackman wants to drop by and sing and dance for me while I sip drinks by the pool...

  11. It doesn't seem like too much to ask does it?

    Though I am hanging out to move to your suburb.

    I'm rather liking Jenny's list too.

  12. I'd quite like someone to come by each morning to make the school lunches. Now if that someone could be Hugh Jackman...

  13. I cannot go past Alby mangroves.

    How wonderful would that be?

  14. *Mmmm* Mine comes with a wrecking ball, where I will cheer as my house is bashed down and cheer again when trucks appear (speedily, of course, no waiting in daydreams!) to build a house with big bedrooms and a shower you don't have to angle yourself to stand up straight under and an real OFFICE and big beautiful windows.

    Where my laptop and bookcases will be. Oh, the books! And the children will be beetled about happily because I'll have more time to take them places (hey, you said this was a daydream) and at night J won't be grumpy and tired and we'll take honest-to-god vacations.

    Not sure I want to go back to work now....

  15. so is this the secret to your scrabble success?

    Lowered core temperature?

  16. lol Shula!

    Oh I said love, I said pet, I said love.
    I'd love to buy you a camera - i'd love to have the money to pay mortgages, rid termites ( steel frames, sis, steel frames ) buy houses, treat friends, pay debts and make a few people I love smile.

    This used to be our favourite work daydream. I worked with about 10 people. We were all very close, and they are still all really good mates. We used to go 'in the round' with our imaginary win. It was such a delicious thing that would always perk us up and leave wistful smiles on our faces :)


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