Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day 09

Mothers Day 09_8219

The kids brought in some presents purchased with care from the school Mothers Day Stall (I'd primed them that soap and chocolate were the best options, in a bid to ward off crappy china figurines. Not to mention my two worst presents that somehow people used to give me ALL THE TIME: candles and/or foot lotion. Not that these things are terrible in themselves and I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything [but you know I was really], just I have a fear of candle-initiated housefires and I never use foot lotion. Foot massages: yes, foot lotion: no, no, no.) Plus there was a cup of tea in bed, followed by a sleep-in and let's not forget TWO cards each from the kids, two in English, two in Italiano. Molto buono.

And Fixit just arrived with some very lovely flowers.
Mothers Day Flowers_8220

Happy Mothers Day everyone.


  1. I'll take the foot lotion if you get any.

    My feet are a perfect disgrace.

  2. (dropping by - I do that sometimes you know!)

    happy Mother's Day to you Stomper. Your boys are beautiful (or should I say handsome?) I would have opted for the chocolate and soap choices too!

  3. Tom1 and Evan4 are making dinner tonight. Ryan3 gave me a bunch of beautifully wrapped flowers from the florist and some chocolate. David2 painted a canvas for me that's now hanging up in the kitchen.
    Not bad, eh? Food for both the inner and outer woman!

  4. Happy Mothers Day Stomper love.

  5. Yep, that's a serious haul.

    My baby brought home the gift that I donated to the mother's day stall. He had overheard me jokingly suggest that my gift might be the last one standing...

    So, now I have two lovely hand crocheted washcloths with a bar of goat's milk soap.

  6. My baby was given $5 from his dad, and he came home from the mothers' day stall with a photo frame, a necklace AND a $30 massage voucher.

    And $2.50 in change.


  7. Happy Mother's Day to you, too!
    I'm still laughing over your gifts. Regift 'em?

  8. Foor lotion - lotions of any kind- I hate greasy lotions, ugh !

    We don't use 'real' soap here due to dry skin/excema .. but that Goat's Milk soap M mentioned is supposed to be *brill*. We use QV Wash here. It looks like. um. well, yeah, Happy Mother's Day!

    Nice haul kiddo ! :)

  9. Molto buono, indeed! You've got a bunch of keepers, there.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Happy Mother's Day, Stomper. You are a wonderful mother and those boys are very lucky (and deserving).

    I liked your daydream. Mine is that all my children would get themselves sorted out and launched on final careers and with spouses with dependable salaries, preferably some time before I die. And that I should become a grandmother, again ideally while I can still move independently and remember what day it is.

  11. Nice work Stomper! Maybe you get the foot lotion because you have to Stomp your poor tap feet all the time :) It doesn't explain why I get it though.

  12. Are they purple roses? REAL purple roses? (astounded)

  13. Happy Mother's Day.

    Love those gifts!

  14. Those purple flowers are exactly right for you!


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