Thursday, January 07, 2010

That hardly EVER happens.

The Cherub, who was so worried about swallowing his first ever wobbly tooth, swallowed his first ever wobbly tooth this morning.

He didn't even notice. It was just that I had looked at it 5 minutes prior and said That tooth is ready to fall out. Go on, give it a pull, that'll definitely come out. But he balked, claiming it was *too slippery*. Then he ate his bowl of cereal, and halfway through, came to tell me something and I noticed the gap.


Tears, a futile search in the bowl of nutri-grain. I knew instantly he'd swallowed it but he was so upset that we had to have a little look, just in case. Climber even checked under the table for us.

My suggestion that the Tooth Fairy might be able to fly down his throat in the middle of the night, if he left his mouth open, and retrieve it, just made matters worse and nearly caused hysterics. So in the end we said we'd write a note. And eventually, he started to cheer up.


Ironically, when Cherub had his wobbly about his wobbly tooth, this was the exact conversation we'd had, just before he went to sleep, because he was still in a bit of a state:

Cherub: I don't want to swallow my too-oo-ooth.
Me: Oh that hardly ever happens. Climber, how many teeth have you lost?
Climber: Umm...8.
Me: And how many have you swallowed?
Climber: None.
Me: There you go Cherub, nothing to worry about.


  1. Oh, that's classic!

    Do you think there will be more or less trauma when the next one starts to wobble?

  2. O dear, poor poppet.
    Funny, I can't remember any trauma over teeth, but then, it was so VERY long ago.

  3. That is HILARIOUS!!

    Reminds me of my sister when we were very young, she swallowed a 5 cent piece, I will always remember mum making her do her number 2's on a plastic mat until it re-appeared.

    Actually pretty gross.

    Oh yeah, poor Cherub. Hope the TF makes it worth his while, pain and suffering compensation and all that.

  4. Exactly the same conversation I had with Margot.

    She swallowed her first loose tooth the very next day!

  5. Recycling, that is what he is doing! He looks very sweet and cute but I feel he is about to lose all trace of the baby look and turn into pure growing boy.

  6. Quite honestly I am with him on the hysteria at the thought of winged being flying through my open mouth into my digestive system to retrieve a tooth-shaped piece of enamel and dentine. Glad the situation was rescued somewhat.

  7. Oh, poor little Cherub. I'm sure your tooth fairy will be able to make arrangements. It has to be better than ours. Ours has a tendency to, um, forget to show up. Heh.

  8. Oops! I am sure that the tooth fairy will still know where to go - just as Santa Claus does!

    I remember one of my baby molars that wasn't even wobbly coming out stuck to a toffee once!

  9. LOL! When Toto swallowed one of his baby teeth he INSISTED that I check his poop until it was found!!! Needless to say, I recovered one of his previous teeth, slipped it under his pillow and explained that the Tooth Fairy must have recovered it in the night.

    BIG MISTAKE! He had nightmares of evil flying fairies moving around his insides!!

    So... I told him the truth... he was SO relieved that he forgot all about recovering the lost tooth... and all was well again.


  10. poor cherub! my 5 year old has the same anxiety although he is actually freaked out about the whole tooth losing thing let alone swallowing one.

    btw cherub is probably too old for this but there is a great charlie and lola book on this very subject

  11. Cute! We also had to write a note to the tooth fairy once when a tooth was lost. There was another time when the tooth fairy forgot to visit so she left a note of apology the next night as well as an extra big donation. ;-)

  12. Uh ohs, poor little munchkin. We used to put our teeth in a glass of water on dad's bedside table, until the infamous "Too many beers tooth drinking incident" Oops indeed.

  13. Wow. You have a talent for telling excellent stories and bringing out others' as well.

  14. I was convinced the Impossible Princess would swallow her tooth, hanging on by a thread as it was... and I was the one who was stressing about it, telling her to watch out as kids swallow teeth ALL the time. But in the end, she just tweaked it out and there it was in her hand.

  15. Tell him not to fret! The tooth fairy has received SEVERAL notes in our house. There was the one tooth that went flying when a kid tried to pull ther blanket out of another kids' mouth (never did find that tooth).

    He is so cute-- the gap adds character :-)

    my word veri is getting creative: typechio

  16. Wow! At last! Despite all the drama, I'm sure he is very happy to have lost his first tooth.

    I've just been catching up on all your news, very disappointing for you all about the job, and I completely agree with everything you said. (Idiots!)

    Fingers crossed it only means something better is around the corner.

  17. too funny!!

    Did the tooth fairy at least make a visit??? She is so crap at coming to our house....takes her about a week.

  18. I once lost a tooth down the drain when I was brushing my teeth. My dad even took the S bend off, but as I had calmly finished brushing, it was gone. We wrote a note and the toothfairy gave me half price, which was fair since she'd had to go find it in the drain.

  19. Don't tell Cherub but my girlfriend's darling eats so many apples with such gusto that he has lost 8 teeth and swallowed every one!
    My biggest darling tells me whenever this subject comes up that he once got 5 bucks from the fairy. But that's just ridiculous and I KNOW the fairy never would be that generous.


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