Monday, January 24, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun.

Fixit & Baby Climber

The Climber turns 10 today.  Best ten years of my life.


We're having pancakes for breakfast & some friends and family round for cake this afternoon.

Brand New Boy

Last night the boys and I looked through the [very sketchy] baby diaries, which made them both keel over laughing. The fact that Climber used to say Ya-ya-bishey and we didn't know what it meant caused great hilarity. As did the fact that I'd written that Cherub was a really really fat baby.  Actually, they were both very fat babies.


Happy 10th birthday, gorgeous boy xxxxxxxxxx.


  1. 10! I remember when our eldest turned ten .. It was a very big thing for me.

    Happy birthday darling boy.

  2. Lovely boy! Happy Birthday - and many more!

  3. Mary's right. Ten is very significant in your first born.

    I hope you'll all enjoy a lovely day together. Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday to your gorgeous boy, indeed! And hello, how are you and Fixit doing that thing where you both get infinitely hotter as you get older? I would like to know that secret, please. Although I fear it may be too late for me.

    My girl child used to say "bona dona" CONSTANTLY. To this day, neither she nor I have any idea what in the world it meant. Babies have their own language, eh?

  5. Didn't realise you two parents were FOURTEEN when you started your family.
    Happy birthday Climber.

  6. Stomper, sorry, but I need to point out an error in your post.

    Last year, or what felt like last year, you were posting that Climber had started school and turned 6.

    This year, you are posting that he has turned 10.

    Please correct this mistake, otherwise I will feel that life is going way too fast, your kids are growing up too fast and...well...I am just losing my marbles.

    Happy birthday to your darling 7 year old! :)

  7. Ten is BIG. No more of that single digit bizzo. Happy birthday big kid and Mum both).

  8. oh my goodness what a gorgeous baby he was too! With such radiant looking mother and father.

    Ten. Full on. Happy birthday Climber and hope you all have a great celebration!

  9. They grow like weeds don't they? Happy Birtyday Climber.

  10. It goes fast doesn't it!!! Happy Birthday to your Climber! He is going to be such a heartbreaker later!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Climber. Double digits now.
    Love the photos. I love photos of people's yougsters as babies.

  12. Happy Birthday Climber! Ten! teenagerdom beckons.

  13. Mine turned ten a scant two weeks ago and I keep looking at him in surprise... TEN!

    I know each of the ten years has been amazing. He was a gorgeous baby and he is a gorgeous now, through and through

  14. Happy Birthday handsome Climber Boy!

  15. Happy birthday to darling Climber. and yes, your babies were much fatter than my babies, and mine were even more beautiful....but all of them gladden my heart.
    He will be in double digits until he turns 100.


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