Wednesday, January 05, 2011


On the face of it, we've had a very lazy time post Christmas, lots of pyjamas-till-noon (on my part anyway) but we've managed also to do a few things.

(Lorikeets in the neighbour's massive plum tree.)

Fixit, who is on holidays for the next month has been on a 3-day motorbike ride with the Bike Nazi and either side of that has been deeply engrossed in fixing up his bike. He has also repaired the VCR, his ipod speaker/charger and diagnosed a friend's car's ailment.  Today I made him mow the lawn too.

The boys have been happily working their way (subject to mean-mother screen time limitations) through the Lego Harry Potter Computer Game from Nell, as well as the various Lego sets that came their way for Christmas.  Cherub is frankly resentful when we make him leave the house.

(Stealth photo by Climber)

The boys also made Climber's worm farm.  They tried to give it a home on my kitchen window ledge but I moved it outside.  There's enough stuff up there already, kitchen stuff like spice racks and wettexes and detergent.  Don't need menageries as well.


As for me, well apart from overseeing the big Christmas clean-up and tree removal, I've made:

:: My first batch of home-made icecream (lemon sorbet) with the icecream maker Fixit gave me for Christmas.  No photos, but it was a smash hit!

:: Some jammy dodgers with my fancy Christmas present biscuit-cutting-tool.  They were a bit soggy to tell the truth, I need to tweak the recipe from the biscuit-cutting-tool's box.

Jammy Dodgers 5810

:: My first ever granny square (with the help of my Mum when I visited her last week.  Whilst in Sydney, I also scored some cool summer clothes and sandals at her local op-shop where everything was reduced by 50%, bargain!)


:: A little summery wrap skirt from my awesome Sew What! Skirts book.  As you can see, the skirt is a fetching shade of purple and just perfect for a spot of Totem Tennis.


Meanwhile, we're about to head to the beach.  I need to sort out some projects and books to bring.



  1. Ooo I neeeeed that book! Might have to keep my eye out for that.

    Great making, you clever girl you. I need to find motivation again to get out the sewing machine - I feel the need arriving very soon. (We're moving to a new villa which will have plenty of room so I can leave the sewing machine set up!)

    Enjoy your beach holiday. =)

  2. It's a great book Melody, I highly recommend it.

  3. Enjoy the beach. I am enjoying the cool and rainy weather!
    I wish I had a Fixit! Super hero.

  4. Sounds like the perfect holiday!

  5. Respect for the granny square. I gave crochet a go for about 10 minutes.

  6. I absolutely love the stealth photo! Also I' missing you guys.

  7. Me too, re the stealth photo. Also we are missing you! Are you back? We'll be away for a bit then maybe you could come over? You have to witness the boys playing HP lego on the PC, they are in heaven.

  8. I would not allow worms in my kitchen either. Your skirt is lovely and all three of your busy boys are too!

  9. Thank goodness for the "NO!" to worms on the kitchen window shelf. Shudder.

    Listen. I'll come over and clean, babysit, whatever and you make me icecream and cookies and skirts. Deal?

  10. Sews AND plays totem tennis!

    What a girl...

  11. ice cream! ooh I've been pondering an ice cream maker ...

    have a lovely beach holiday!


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