Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hi I'm A Mac

After years in the PC wilderness I'm back in Mac. Thank the lord. Actually, thank the Nell.

Because Nell knows The Guy.

The Guy (he's her very good friend and I liked him even before he was The Guy, his son learns tap with me) gave her his G4, which she mostly used to stay up all night playing World of Warcraft. As you do. (It's an internetty Dungeons and Dragons game as far as I can work out, I don't really want to know any more than that...) But anyway, then The Guy gave her his G5 and so now *I* have the G4. What a guy. Seriously.

It's taken less than 3 days to get to a level of functionality that I am happy with, (you know emails set up, bookmarks in web browsers etc) and that's been 3 days that included a birthday party, (Cherub's best friend's) the monthly Family Lunch with The Fixits, Mother's Group, Tap Hall spackfiller repairs, 4 classes of tap dancing and the rest of the crap I do like feeding the family. I reckon it took at least 3 weeks with my other computer and a-LOT-and-a-LOT of swearing. This is not just because Macs rock. It is also because Vista really, really, really sucks. So I'm leaving the Evil Empire Computer to the males of Chez Fixit, and I shall blog at you from the comfort of my lovely new Apple. I've nearly got the hang of the X close-box being on the other side (it's like when you drive a European car and keep putting the windscreen wipers on when you want to indicate.) If anyone knows what I should do when the computer underlines a word in red to tell me it is misspelled, I would be grateful if you could share your knowledge with me. On the PC I used to right-click and the spellcheck would give me the correct options, but my days of right-clicking are O-V-A-H.

I leave you with a picture of the Cherub from his Best Friend's Party. Shown here modelling the T-rex face paint and the novelty glasses. I call him the Harrypottersaurus Rex.

harrypottersaurus rex_7091

Thank you Nell and thank you Greg. Mwah.


  1. Pleasure - I know how much you hated being in Vista land.
    And for the nerds out there Stomper & I even managed to network the @%#$ Vista PC and the Mac...I was so proud!

    wv is regretro...is that where you regret something from way back when ?

  2. I love those Mac ads.
    Being the ad junkie I am.

    I've never evah had a prob with Vista. I think it's just a case of a poor tradesman blaming her tools :p

    Oh - and good pick up on the Mac, Mac. Nice one!

  3. Vista is a bitch.

    Bitch enough to make me cross over.

  4. I've heard that Vista is evil!!So when somebody lovely wanted to get me a computer for my b'day I avoided vista like the plague. It makes such a difference to have something that's easy to get along with. I don't even want to blog when my main desire is to take a sledgehammer to my blogging machine!

    Soooo! Kudos to Nell and The Guy! And to you for getting the hang of it in three days! Onward to more great posts. That Cherubsaurus looks fearsome....

  5. I loaded windows XP pro on my mac, because I just couldn't deal!

    Love the name Harrypottersaurus Rex!!!

    Congrats on the new machine! Friends like that rock!

  6. Sweet! What a nice friend.

    We just got our G5 back from the repair shop (for the umptithird time) but my eldest daughter has co-opted it to chat with her friends. All. night. long.

    I will have it back, though. Because I miss it so....

  7. We are probably going to switch over next year. Scott has two big screen Apples that he and his partner want to upgrade.
    But now I'm nervous. No right clicking???? X on the left?
    (I just got the hang of the PC....)

  8. Aren't you clever, changing over so seamlessly like that? I am such an IT ignoramus....

    Cherub's get-up is unusual but he manages to look his usual i.e. irrepressibly cute.

    I love Nell's newly discovered word, 'regretro'! I need to use in a sentence soon.

  9. It's true, Vista is evil. I know. I've just had to do a complete PC Restore - that's delete everything and restore to factory settings. All due to my sh*t copy of Vista. I'm a week out and still not everything is working as I want.

    I want a Mac.

    I can't even get rid of Vista and re-install XP - my computer is too new and fandangled for that.

    I will be joining the Mac brigade as soon as I can justify it.

  10. Um. I didn't really understand this post. I am dim. But I liked the picture of Cherub.

  11. I can't imagine using anything but a Mac. I've used other systems for work etc and they just suck.
    You can get a cute Mac mouse that has a left and right-click facility, and then you can right-click on those mis-spellings and get a box of one-click corrections.

  12. Once you've had Mac, you never go back.

    Or so I hear.

    Or is that black?

    Whatever, I am happy and envious all at once.

    I wish I was playing Scrabble with you right now, cos I can see your letters....

    I just wish you would invite me, I have waited for AGES. Sad I have to ask, isn't it?

  13. I'd ask you Aunty, but you'd just kick my arse like you do at Word Challenge.

    Over here, G5 means Gulfstream 5. As in luxury private jet. I thought for a minute you would soon be zooming about, sipping cocktails and letting the waitstaff answer your every whim.

    Love the Cherub. The harry potter rex thing gave me a giggle.

  14. This is happy news! I'm not much on PCs myself, although one makes do with what one must.

  15. welcome back from the dark side, my friend

  16. Good Aussie use of the word 'arse' Melinda! It is so much more satisfying to kick an arse, rather than an ass.

    Nell's guy sounds like a champion. Is that a scrabble cheat program you have open?

  17. I am obviously living on the dark side ;). never had a problem with sistah vista myslef, although I have to say, I have great tech support (for whom the pc and windows os is an article of faith).

    still am very glad you have a happy computer set up again, so important!

  18. If Tracey was not too gutless to play me on Scrabble any more she would know that it is NOT a scrabble cheat program on screen there, it is the new look
    Scrabble on Facebook.

    (But I agree with the arse comment, way to go Melinda)

  19. hi hi
    I'm the Guy.
    Was very happy to have another member added to the Cult of Mac. The Mac is the best kept secret in computing (especially now with its unix underbelly operating system).

    For a mac with a right click, can be switched on from system prefs/keyboard and mouse settings if u have either scroll wheel mac mighty mouse or another third party 2 button mouse. (dare i say it even a usb microsoft two button mouse)

    ENJOY !

  20. I love my Mac...

    I join the others in welcoming you back to the light side...

  21. Very excited you are bac to a Mac. What joy! They are so beautiful.

    I wish Nell and The Guy would visit Sydney to help me organise other users, so as to keep WSDs from using my computer and breaching my privacy. I can get a certain way and then I flounder. Certain age groups need personal coaches.

    I use a Logitech mouse so I don't have to cope with the ordinary Macmouse, but keep the Mac one connected, as it is handy for when the Logitech batteries need replacing.

    There's no way I could go back to Windows - the old computer has Windows 98.....much too many techno upgrades in the last ten years.

    But what word processing are you using?


  22. Your new computer is "neati", or so the word verification claims. Or maybe it means the photo?

  23. I miss my Mac SO MUCH. Especially every time I curse at how long $%£*^&^& Vista takes to start up. What can it POSSIBLY be doing? Because it certainly isn't anything useful.

  24. I know people think we're snobs, but once a mac lover, always a mac lover.

  25. I think, it is truly, a Beautiful Thing!!

  26. I'm going against the flow, and outing myself as a PC lover. Mac is flighty, Mac has a short attention span. Mac is self-absorbed and is likely to drop you the first time an upgraded model walks by.

    PC on the other hand is loyal and dependable. PC's a little nerdy, but he'll be home most nights to put the kids to bed and he'll remember to do things like pay superannuation and maintain the car.

    Oh...are we not talking about the TV ads?

  27. Your mum has visited my blog, Stomper! I'm so excited!

  28. wow, nice computer. And really, Vista sucks? I live with it. I don't have problems with it. But I do love the commercials so much I'll agree to pretty much anything.


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