Friday, March 25, 2011

Seeing the Specialist

I was handed the whole box of tissues as I walked into the specialist's reception today, the prospect of maybe having to decide between paying an unmanageably large amount of money or telling them to put him to sleep having reduced me to rubble.  The part of my mind that was saying come on pull yourself together woman was also wondering what I'd be like if I was faced with a potentially terminal health situation involving an actual person, like say one of the kids.  Even worse you'd think and yet I fail to see how that could be possible when I looked at how pathetically pathetic I was being.  But I suppose the thing about sick people is you rarely have to face putting an end to suffering based on financial grounds because we have a public health system here.  I am kicking myself for never having got Pet Insurance.


Anyway, while the [brisk and positive] specialist took Basil away for an examination, I successfully distracted myself by means of a Learn A Tap Routine Video on my ipod and was able to talk to the specialist when he returned without embarrassing myself or him.  Tap dancing is always my best therapy.  And when the specialist came back, it didn't sound too grim.  Just complicated.  If the weird blood problem sorts itself out and he doesn't require a risky transfusion, if there's no spinal or chest damage which is being assessed via x-ray now, if his colon isn't punctured and infecting his system and if he makes it through the weekend, then he could have fairly straightforward pelvic repair surgery on Monday and he'd be okay.
*edited to add: all clear on spinal and chest x-rays which is good news.


Waiting, waiting then.


I tell myself 2 things.  One is the fact that cats can survive things that no other species, including humans, could.  They are tough and resilient.  The other thing is that Basil has guts.  He dragged himself back home through the rain and the cold with a paralysed back half, using only his front paws, all the way to our window and called us.  That is some spirit.  Fight on, gorgeous boy.


  1. I'm so glad that things are looking better for him.
    What a gorgeous little fighter he is!

  2. There are lots of people in your corner basil....
    so glad the X-rays came back ok...
    So how do we go about raising this unimaginable amount of money ?

  3. Such a gorgeous and spunky fellow! I'm rooting for Basil!

  4. keep on fighting Basil!!!!
    hugs to you hon...I know how hard it is when our furry friends are ill.

    Can you put up a paypal thingy so we can donate???(that would be the technical term..LOL)
    I think a LOT of people would love to help you out with Basil.

  5. The financial grounds decision is such a bitter pill to swallow. I hope it doesn't come to that.

    Seems like Basil is not only a fighter, but a right stubborn one at that. And he has half the internet rooting for him!

  6. I agree, I think Basil will find the surgery a walk in the park after the mountain he's already climbed in getting home. He'll be right.....

  7. So, if, if and if, it all goes well, he'll be able to walk again? *crosses fingers for you both*

  8. Oh thank goodness for a little bit of good news. I'm having the same dilemma with poor old Mr Limpy dog. I was sure that the vet was going to come back and tell me it was going to cost too much. I couldn't bear having to make that decision!

  9. Come on Basil - you have numerous lives left..

    I came to this post first so will now backtrack to find out the details.


  10. OH NO!!

    I missed your first post, just logged in to see this one and thought "what happened, what happened??" so had to go back.

    Poor Basil!! Kitty, you have to get better!!

    Don't feel ashamed of your emotion during this time, it is normal when you love something to feel sad. I remember when Sam got a blood germ and needed a blood transfusion, he was only an hour from death they told me. Worst night of my life. He survived, and 4 years later, still kicking on.

    Hang in there. Email me if you want to talk.

  11. I've been waiting with trepidation to see your post today, and am so happy to see things are looking up. He's a fighter!

    With best wishes from a fellow Burmese owner. Our Asta is a good one for hissy fits and the grumps so i laughed when your vet talked about "Burmese Rage" ... ha ha, never knew it actually had a name.

  12. I've been on tenterhooks waiting to hear how Basil is.
    I have to say, even in the first photo of him, he looks waaay better than Sammy-cat when we found her. This is a really good sign, I think. X-rays good is another positive.
    However, if you're going to be up for thousands of dollars in vet bills that are unaffordable...there's that hideous decision. On going financial stress versus grief and loss.
    What is it? That saying? "Caught between a rock and a hard place." However, I'll subscribe to a Basil fund: set one up.

  13. I'm so glad that there's some more positive news. He is extremely tough.

  14. "Go Basil" (shuffle, flick,) "Go Basil" (shuffle, flick, step, ball, change), "Go, go, go!" (pas de bourret, pas de bourret, jazz hands)

  15. So so so so sorry to read this today. Our boy is an indoor cat for fear of this happening, with a cat run and only supervised outdoor visits. It is every cat owners nightmare. Hope he's going well today. xx

  16. Fight on Basil.

    I remember a cat I had many years ago. Hit by a car, broke a leg and still jumped up to my windowsill to let me know he was there (as he did regularly). He ended up just fine - I hope Basil has the same outcome.

  17. Come on Basil. We've been in your shoes with our Sam. The choice part was taken from us and I'm rooting for the sweet purple kitty to have his surgery and be up "scaring" bunnies in no time. Or being scared by bunnies anyway. Come on kitteh.

  18. He really is a beauty.

    My boyfriend told me he was faced with a similar decision several years ago, with a mind boggling and daunting vet bill, and he very nearly thought he'd not really have much of a choice, when it came down to it, but then he thought about how he got a second chance at life, and a third, and a fourth, after two failed kidney transplants and finally a successful third. His cat was part of HIS family, and he decided they would both be survivors together, and to hell with the cost. That cat is still with him, practically his best friend, several years later, and he has never regretted the choice.

    Anyway, I'm pulling for Basil!! He looks to be fighter with a will to live. Fingers crossed for goodness all around. xx


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