Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Show Must Go On

I had this very bad lead-up to the Merri Creek Fete performance yesterday, because I was so strung out about the sick kitty and therefore not fully able to keep all my balls in the air, so to speak. A morning's phone call from the vet saying Basil would need a blood transfusion and that that would cost an extra $700 sent the stress levels sky-rocketing.  Then I realised I had arrived at the Tap Hall without any ipod to teach class with, that it had probably fallen out in the car -which was at soccer with Fixit and the boys - and that Fixit was phone-less.  A few deep breaths were required before I worked out how to contact Fixit;  the ipod was delivered and the morning's classes went off smoothly.  Then it was time for lunch and Nell and I set off to the fete to prepare the tap boards while Fixit and the boys ducked home to get the forgotten good camera and normal shoes for Cherub (ie ones that were not studded soccer boots or tap shoes for him to run around afterwards at the fete in). And then as we stood near the stage in what we thought was an organised state, another glitch: several students had not got their tap-shoes for the show.  A quick discussion took place - the stage was running 15 minutes late and Pea's Dad was willing to drive Nell to the Tap Hall to collect spare shoes!  Only that meant a sort of bated breath wait because Nell is the ipod keeper at shows and the stage crew of course asked me for the ipod pretty much the minute Nell left.  They made it back with minutes to spare, and the shoeless children and I had a quick rummage to match feet with taps, while Nell sorted the ipod.


I walked on stage with the Tiny Tappers, preparing to dance the Yellow Submarine, but the music was playing up and there were no vocals at all, which bewildered the Tinies and made it difficult to get our cues.  So there was a bit of battling through with the dance and grimacing wildly over my shoulder at the crew to please fix the problem; and then Nell, in desperation, did something  (she still doesn't know what) to the ipod, and balance (and vocals) were restored.  From that point on, the show went really well.  The Tiny Tappers were divine as always:


The combined middle groups (beginner and intermediate level) were an absolute smash with their routine, Concrete & Clay (the Martin Plaza version).  The audience were spontaneously cheering and whooping during the routine - I think because a section of choreography echoed exactly what everyone really wants to do when they hear that bit of the music and the kids looked so deliciously happy as they did it - and that was an absolute tonic for me and a big happy high for the kids.  It's good to be cheered, it really is.  Look at our faces, we're loving it.


The Gliding Groovers class were next with their Goodies routine, complete with comedy falls at the end. The rule of comedy falls is to go up before you go down. Look how high up my Cherub went. (And well done to Fixit for catching that precise moment, what a corker of a shot!)  I love how good this class is and how well they do this routine.  They requested that I did it with them yesterday, they don't really need me but it was fun to be part of it with them.


The Tapsters started with their acapella number.  I could feel a very impressed vibe coming off the crowd when they did it too, and received quite a few comments afterwards about how much people loved that  bit.  They finished with a Shim-sham, and received a great big hand.  They really are super, those Tapsters.


Fixit captured the audience after we'd taken our bow. It really was one of our best shows ever.


I am lucky to be surrounded by people who help make it work - the kids, their families, Nell Fixit and Jenny. Thank you xx


  1. Of course the show went on, you have those kids trained up as consumate professionals by now!

    Still got my fingers crossed for Basil.

  2. And you need an inside cat - blood type A weighing more than 5 kgs for a transfusion for Basil....

    Can anyone help ????

  3. still have all my bits xed for Basil.


  4. Show looks great!

    Been worrying all weekend about Basil, please update us on his wellbeing.

    Wish I could help with the blood transfusion, unfortunately because Sam is a recipient of one in the last few years, he isn't eligible. :(

    Does your vet have a register of kitties who can donate? That's how they found a donor for Sam.

  5. You know what - that post brought tears to my eyes. After all the problems, and knowing what you were going through in regards to Basil, to see that smile - well that's just brilliant. Well done you. (& your helpers!)

  6. I'm so pleased you have these moments of delight. Your faces and those of the crowd are a joy. (And what a jumper Cherub has proven himself to be!)

  7. I'm always amazed at how those events that start in chaos manage to be some of the best ones. Why is that? Love the happy faces of both tappers, tap teacher and audience. Your love for what you do and the way that you teach just shines through in all the photos and videos of your tappers tapping. Love it.

    Warm thoughts to Basil! He's an investment now!! :-)

  8. Oh just read the Basil entries - poor all of you. Hope he pulls through. Why do we have pets? - the joy, yes, but the worry and expense! Hoping for good news soon. Fingers crossed.

  9. Yay for Nell and Fixit :) Glad the show went so well.

    I have my fingers crossed for Basil too.

  10. I admire you immensely. When the S**t hits the fan I think, "What would Stomper do?".

  11. Boy oh boy I had no idea all that drama was going on, too busy trying to find my tapster who was finally located at the choc bloc toss. You looked as cool as a cucumber, it was a fantastic show.


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