Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Ministry for Silly Walks

Basil's recovery continues apace. Mostly he lies around in the suitcase or a box, getting lots of zzzs. But if one of us comes to sit on the floor next to him, he wonks over to sit on our laps.


If we [thoughtlessly] sit on the couch he deadset thinks he's going to jump up there to sit on our lap. He has nothing - nothing - in his hind legs at the moment, can barely balance on them and yet he reckons he can make it up to our laps. Insane kitteh. I am still taking him outside for a daily spot of glorious Autumnal sunlight, which I think is good for him. He again shows some misplaced confidence in his abilities by trying to go for little walks though. Just sun yourself, kitty. Seriously.

His wonk-walk -which I try to prevent - goes like this:
(1) left front leg [fairly upright]
(2) right front leg [bit wobbly but still upright]
(3) left rear leg, the one that is a bit damaged [wobbling like fun, tilting to side]
(4) completely *knackered rear leg [gracefully falls down on side]
(5) haul self up, start again.

He goes surprisingly fast.

*which no longer has a ball joint connecting legs to his wired-together hip & is held there only by muscles which need to adapt)

In other outside adventures, the non-eating cat, because of still being tube fed so not particularly interested in real food, ate some blades of grass yesterday. Not to make himself sick either, as far as I could tell. Just because he felt like it. And he completely freaked out when he heard the postman's motorbike ride by our house, and I mean completely. Can't decided if this is just sensible fear of all things motorised or if Australia Post owes me a small fortune in vet fees. Where is the CCTV when you need it?

Best of all though, was watching him wonk-walk as far as the door last night, whereupon he lay down next to the rug there and started to fight it. Take that rug! I got no back leg strength but I still take you!

What else?

Well, I won some very cool packing tape from the lovely Miss Pen at Cottage Industry, and it arrived yesterday along with some extra purple love. Spoiled, I am. Thank you Pen!


I've run out of my expensive French perfume, and wondered briefly if I ought not forswear such luxuries in light of the embarrassingly large vet bills (I've decided not to add them all up as actually I don't want to know just how much we spent). So I've been using up an inherited sample which is Tresor by Lancome, and yuck! It's just not me. I hate smelling it on me. Whereas the Samsara was perfect on my skin and I received lots of compliments when wearing it. Anyway, in one of those weird I-hate-my-brain-things, I keep thinking of Angela's Ashes, where the kids were starving but Angela still found the money for her cigarettes and wondering if buying the perfume I like would be the same but even worse, or allowable because we can still afford to feed the children. First world problems, eh? I suppose I could go back to Dewberry Oil from the Bodyshop for a while, recreate my teenage aroma...

I made an apple and rhubarb pie, adapting this recipe. I used 6 small granny smith apples and a bunch of rhubarb, but note to self; always check your mixture before cooking the final dish. Could have done with more sugar, I think both the rhubarb and the grannies were on the tart side. It's still lovely but gives you mild lemon-face when you eat it.


And I'm off to another Crarf Camp tomorrow with non-blogger friends - I know, here I go again with luxuries but this has been booked for ages and is my last one for the year so I think I can rationalise it to my own satisfaction. I am not at all organised for this one, beyond knowing that I'll be making apple pie for Saturday dessert and Jenny has kindly decreed that I can have The Princess Room (double bed, room to myself) in light of all the cat-stress. And on that note, I should really go pack.


  1. Have a lovely CC Stomper.
    Glad to see the kitty looking better.

  2. Have fun at craft camp!

    Love hearing that Basil can still give a rug what for when necessary.

  3. love love love that Basil can still give the mat what for!!!

    enjoy craft camp......its good for the soul!!!

  4. So glad to hear he is recovering like any self-respecting cat would!

    Can you try one of those perfume places that makes "smells like" versions of lots of the expensive perfumes. I forget the name of the chain one I'm thinking of but I'll bet if you look online you could find one. Won't be so expensive and then you can stop the Woodbines (wasn't that the name of the cigarette brand?) comparisons!

  5. I'm so glad he's getting better, it gladdens the heart.

  6. So glad to hear that Basil is on the mend and giving the rug what for.

    Enjoy Sewjourn!

  7. There never was a crarf camper more deserving of the Princess Room. What's more, I vote for the perfume purchase. It's not like you aren't going to appreciate/adore it every single day.

    PS. Wrote that pattern at 3am. If you could just proofread it and see if it makes a smidgeon of sense I would be most heartily appreciative. x

  8. Hmmm, well, go for the loverly perfume in the smallest amount available. Just a small personal indulgence.
    As something nice in the "now paying off" landscape of vet bills and other money sucks.
    Woohoo, next week I will most probably pay Sammy-cat's vet bill off.
    Visions of Basil having a mat wrestle, wonky and all: hilarious!

  9. Have a great weekend, you deserve it!

  10. Enjoy your weekend!

    Good to read your Basil is doing okay - it was touch or go for a bit then wasn't it? So glad he has pulled through.

    And nothing wrong with a sour lemon face when eating apple & rhubarb pie. ;-)

  11. Between lemon face and wonk walk you have expanded my language beautifully today.

    Wishing you a peaceful Craft Camp with lots of laughter


  12. Go Basil! Get that rug.

    I can't see a problem with buying the perfume. From what I've seen, you're not the kind of woman who is endlessly drifting out of shops with lavishly wrapped parcels.

  13. Dewberry. How could I have forgotten it. But no, do not wear it again. A solution will appear.

  14. I have been away from blogland and missed the posts about Basil, but I'm actually rather pleased to come in at this point where I can see he's getting much better.

    Now I can go back and read the others and know there's a happy ending.

    Hope you're having a lot of fun at craft camp.

  15. Skateboard pjs - you are the coolest mama EVER!


Don't let the cat get your tongue.