Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting Ready For Easter

On Good Friday I made some Choc-mint Slices and some Mini Lemon Meringue Tarts for the family gathering that afternoon.


(The gathering was lots of fun and my sweet offerings were a smash)

On Easter Saturday I made some Easter baskets.  One each for the boys so they can, as requested, have another Easter Egg Hunt.


(We had the inaugural Egg Hunt last Easter and it was a smash.  PS If you follow that link, check out the amateur baskets I cobbled together last year. I am so on my Sewing P-plates now.)

As for Easter Sunday, well, unfortunately I think once the search for chocolate is over and we farewell Fixit and Climber for their little jaunt to the hills I will have to spend the rest of the day dealing with the mess all my creativity created.


Yikes!  Lucky there'll be plenty of chocolate to sustain me.


Wishing you a Happy Easter.


  1. OMG you are so in the Easter spirit! WANT the lemon meringue thingys. I was all bah humbug for Easter until Firegazer came home with some eggs today and Blossom has INSISTED I hide her eggs and have a hunt.

  2. Right back at you lady. And best enforce the rule: Put One Thing Away, Eat One Egg (you want to pace yourself)...

  3. Your treats and baskets are wonderful - so talented. We are getting ready to color eggs. Enjoy the chocolate! ~*~Lisa

  4. You are going leaps and bounds with your crafting, I am getting bored saying "well done" all the time, so I will just say "I agree with Tania!!"

  5. Happy Easter Stomper family... Easter Egg hunts are the BEST !

  6. Wow, those baskets are fabulous :) My kids each got a bowl out of the kitchen cupboard. I'm so ashamed.


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