Thursday, April 14, 2011

Carnevale and Chickies

Aaaargh. I'm soooo behind on my blogging. First there was craft camp, then when I came back there's been school holidays/cat care and plus I was a little bit sick for a day or two. I really want to do a post about the gorgeous craft camp, but I need photos of some stuff I made, and two of the items -fleece pants for the boys that they wanted to wear straight away - are now malingering in the festering mound of dirty clothing in my laundry waiting for it NOT to be raining in Melbourne so they can be washed, dried and photographed.

So in the meantime, here are the disguises the children wore to last Friday's Carnevale Parade at their school. Climber opted for a simple mask and cloak, and looks, I think, rather like a golden child.


Cherub, currently obsessed with the Plants vs Zombies game, chose to go as a Zombie and when he walked slowly at you mumbling Brains it was quite terrifying.


I much preferred it when he removed the mask.


Elsewhere, Basil has started to act like a well cat, albeit a gimpy-legged one. I took him to have his stitches removed, except it was really more of a check-up seeing as he'd already ripped every single stitch out by himself: disgusting! He still really, really wants to be with people as much as possible. If you sit down he will limp over and look up at your lap and you have to pick him up before he attempts to jump up there. He also managed, by dint of enormous perseverance and sheer bloody-mindedness, to break out of the battened down suitcase that he is supposed to sleep in overnight. What else could we do in the face of such determination but let him sleep on the bed with us? Fixit constructed a pillow-y ramp so he could wonk his way up there, and we were rewarded with happy purrs as soon as he reached the doona. It seemed like his whole journey since he dragged himself home to us had been leading to that point really.

And a little craft camp sneak-peek: I made Myrtle & Eunice's gorgeous Easter chickies. Pattern works fine, Tania, although I might need some advice on how to do neat blanket stitching on the beak... I hope you approve of the very free-form and relaxed feet, I really tried to stay true to the spirit of your instructions.



  1. So glad that Basil is continuing to improve. I love the chickies, they're gorgeous.

  2. Oh well done chook. Now they just need to pose a limbo. (???)

    Excellent to hear Basil has hung on to his bloody-mindedness through thick and thin. It's probably why he's still around to purr you to sleep.

  3. I've been wondering about Mr basil - glad to hear he continues to improve.

  4. love the costumes and the chickens!!!

    Great news about Basil.

  5. Oh I've been hanging out to hear about craft camp and Basil. So good to hear he's happily wonking about and has reclaimed his rightful sleeping place with His People.

  6. You know Basil is retraining you, don't you? He will never have to jump onto your lap or bed again, not when you will so kindly oblige.

    I like the chicks! Even their feet look cool!

  7. Your baby is growing up! And still gorgeous (when the mask comes off) ;-)
    I love the chickies!

  8. Adore the chickies!

    Poor Basil. Love that his best medicine is people.

    Handsome golden super hero and cutest Zombie EVER!

  9. I love those chicks! I went a bit insane last Easter making things, so I am trying NOT to click on the link...

  10. I wondered who had made the chicks - they are so cute and chick like.

    Good news that Basil is continuing to mend and wonk about.

  11. Just popped back to tell you that all my menfolk, who have been avidly following Basil the Brave's adventures, LOVED hearing that Fixit made him a pillow ramp.

    Yuki sends Basil a get well miaow. (Well, a get well yowl actually, being a fellow Burmese).


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